Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy birthday 19 Mayis Stadium

I just saw the following tweet. It says: In history today // Prime Minister İsmet İnonü opened the Ankara 19 Mayis Stadium. (1936)

The photo seems to have been taken from the extreme left of the away fans section looking towards the protokol section. No roof for the plebs in those days.

The stadium today certainly looks its age. I think Melih Gokcek had it condemned at one point. Perhaps it is time for a new one. And not out of town... exactly where the current one is!

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  1. IMG had flaunted the new Ankara Stadium in the press last year. It was to be built way out in the suburbs near Umitkoy Metro Station. However, it's gone all quiet on this subject and let's hope it stays that way.

    Yes, the 19 Mayis Stadium is showing its age, but hey ......... what about those new all singing and dancing turnstiles that we have this season. Isn't that progress ??!!

    All we need now are some clean seats to sit on, new toilets and more of them, 21st Century Food outlets all over the Stadium, Stewards with the authority to ban idiots from standing on the seats ............ errrrrm .... shall I go on and on ??!!!