Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Excuse me, and the other Ankaragucu kankas, if we don't get excited about the Turkish Cup !

To put it quite simply ......... we don't give a stuff, and that's not sour grapes after today's result.

ANKARAGUCU   0      Karabukspor    3

Obviously none of us were there, or even following it.     One of my colleagues told me around 2pm today that Ankaragucu had gone behind in the 3rd or 4th minute.    A shrug of the shoulders and change the subject from Eski !!!

The bottom line is .......... we are only interested in survival this season.   It would be a bonus if we managed to stay in the 2nd League, and ........ an extra bonus if we still had a team to compete in the league next season and to seriously challenge for promotion to the PTT League !!

Anyway, back to the Turkish Cup and I learned something from my colleague today.    The Group format is not the same as previous years.    This season we are playing home and away.    Woooopeeedooo if you are a 4 Eylul Sivas supporter, but for Ankaragucu there will not be much dosh to be made out of our Group.

One of the many irritations which annoy Oz Kanka and me is the way that the Turkish Cup is played down in this country.    The matches are all played midweek and even the effin Final is on a Wednesday !    Oz Kanka had to go to some outlandish place a few years ago to see Gencler in the Final when they lost that penalty shoot-out marathon.

On the other hand for example in Scotland and England the Cup Final is a razzamatazz affair and a good Cup run can bring in lottsa dosh through the turnstiles and TV.     I'm sure the St Johnstone FC Treasurer would agree after they won the Scottish FA Cup last season !

So, with Ankaragucu now bottom of their Group (where else ?) on one point they have 3 more matches to restore pride.

30 December - Karabuk v Ankaragucu
28 January - Ankaragucu v Basaksehir
4 February - 4 Eylul Sivas v Ankaragucu

As our home match is during the School Semester, I might summon up some enthusiasm and go to it, but ............. I'm not promising !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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