Monday, August 29, 2016

An excellent away draw comeback for Gencler

Two mistakes, two goals conceded. Just 15 minutes in and it was pretty depressing at the Alerta Bar. But then Gencler came back.

Osmanlispor 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi 

It was a packed Alerta Pub for the 9:45 pm Sunday night match. How on earth people without cars were supposed to get home from Yenikent stadium before work on Monday morning I have no idea.

I was happy enough in the pub and so were the Gencler fans as we came out firing. But then our defence slipped up and bang, first time they get into a dangerous position they scored. After that we again went forward but always looked very dodgy at the back. Hopf ended up having to make making a good save and then Selcuk stuffed up and Osmanli went 2-0 up.

And then, just as the Alerta Pub was as quiet as a mouse Gencler roared back into it. We had great through balls, shots on target, heroic saves from their keeper (and quite a few lucky ones) and one shot that was cleared off the line by a defender.

It all seemed to be for nothing when someone stuffed up in midfield and Osmanli went on the run. They had three players with only Hopf in front of them. the man on the left passed inside but had so clearly telegraphed it that Hopf moved to his left and was able to block a fairly pathetic shot. Phew.

Then just before half-time and with the rain starting to come down and this time it was Serdar with a chance (we had had so many chances by this stage). He took a shot and this time we had the luck. It took a deflection and in. 2-1 Half-time

Second half and we came out with even more attacks. At one stage the possession count for the match was 64-36. Finally we all roared as an Osmanli player blatantly handballed in the box. Stancu stepped up and Goooalllll. 2-2

Our player were exhausted by this stage, at least mentally and we seemed to turn off a bit. Osmanli came forward but weren't able to get a winner.

What a match. Osmanli are one hell of a good team and to pull off a draw away to them is a bloody good result.

I finished my beer and grabbed a taxi home. I got into house at 12:30am.


  1. Nice. I was driving through a thunderstorm with my mobile beeping frantically. I arrived at Esenboga to read the result with relief.

    In other news, were "words exchanged" in the protocol section at Yenikent I wonder... Mr. Cavcav has posted an abject apology to Mr. Gokcek:

  2. An excellent result against in-form Osmanlispor who have qualified for the Europa Cup Group stage.

    Going back to Oz Kanka's earlier statement about the insane KO time. No thought given to the young fan group which is the lifeblood of the game. Nothing moves in Yenikent after 10pm farless midnight !!!! Get yir act together TFF ffs !!!!