Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gençler News Round-Up

A splurge of interesting news on the Cavcav-Gençler front. Some of these deserve much closer scrutiny, but here's a quick summary.

1) Cavcav says at the age of 81 he is seriously considering calling a congress and installing his son Murat as the next chairman. Link here. Thoughts on the rights and wrongs of dynastic succession in the comments please.

2) Cavcav is already falling out with his coach, and it's over money, you'll be surprised to hear. More, including the Üzülmez "worships money" quote, here. Thoughts on pots, kettles and how to prepare the ground for a firing in the comments please.

3) Cavcav says Gökcek offered a stadium-upgrade-for-star-defender-deal. Details here. Thoughts on innovative use of public funds in soccer below please.

4) Skulason has left. Sparse club statement here. Speculation on why and what it means in comments please.


Further to 2) Cavcav has released a statement saying he didn't want to say anything negative about the coach when he called him money-grabbing. Rather, the intention was to provide suggestions and guidance, like a big brother would. Cavcav remains completely supportive of the coach, the statement says.


  1. I see that Spine has been learning about how to encourage readers of the blog to contribute below the line... so...

    1: Going by history, Cavcav's son Murat will know that the best way to win a vote is to get lots of "friends" to join up. We reported on it 10 years ago... Ten years ago I was upset and disillusioned. Today I'm just a cynical old bastard.

    2. Cavcav getting angry about money and complaining about the coach! As you said. Pot and Kettle. hick...

    3. How would you feel if Melih Gokcek asked you: "Join with me and I'll build a stadium". Fucking weird.

    4. I never really liked Skulason. A bit too pedestrian for me.

  2. Golly gosh and shitty fukin death. And here's stupid me thinking it was only Ankaragucu that had problems !!!!