Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ankaragucu 0-1 Zonguldakspor!

Ankaragucu lost 1-0 in their latest pre season game today against Zonguldakspor. I managed to catch the game on Periscope again and was disappointed the way we lost the match. Ankaragucu controlled most of the match and looked pretty solid at the back, but again the same problems that haunted the side last season were on show today. Poor Goalkeeping and lack of quality in the final 3rd of the pitch.

With Ankaragucu controlling the match, Zonguldakspor put the ball into the box, where it was met by Tuna Yilmaz who fired the ball past Emrah Tuncel in the Ankaragucu goal. It was a poor goal to lose with Mehmet Tasci nowhere to be seen tracking his man, and Emrah beaten at his front post by a weak shot from Yilmaz.

Ankaragucu tried in vain to get the equaliser but to often a poor cross, weak shot off target or poor finish prevented them from getting back on level terms.

The club will continue to bring in new players and the fans will be hoping they will be attacking players with a bit of quality. It's still pre season so we can't read to much into today's performance but Ismet Tasdemir will know that he needs to strengthen that attack if he wants to mount a challenge this season.

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  1. Agreed Nady. It’s still early doors and too early to make judgements.

    Ismet Bey is still fiddling around with the squad at his disposal and trying to find the right balance. However, my gut feeling is that we should be a little bit more optimistic this season than last season’s pitiful performances.

    The annoying thing for the players and fans is our FIVE match home stadium ban which means waiting until November to support our team at home. It’s bloody frustrating but we should be used to punishments by now, thanks mainly to the misbehaviour of the Gecikondu Boyz. I say this every season ......... but, when will they learn that the effin TFF has an observer at every match, so at the first sign of any trouble it will be reported back to to the TFF and we all know how they love to punish Ankaragucu !!!