Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ankaragucu 2016/17 Squad

Next weeks sees the start of the 2016/17 Turkish Lig 2 season, Ankaragucu have brought in a host of new players and the full squad is listed below.

Emrah Tuncel - Goalkeeper signed from Sanliurfaspor
Emre Koyuncu - Goalkeeper signed from Tarsus
Altay Bayindir - Goalkeeper

Orhan Evci - Righ Back
Serkan Balci - Right Back
Mehmet Tasci - Left Back
Onur Atasayer - Left Back
Adem Saglam - Centre Back
Alihan Kubalas - Centre Back signed from Istanbulspor
Cenk Kaplan - Centre Back signed from Kocaeli Birlikspor
Metin Aydin - Right Back
Metin Ilhan - Left Back

Muhammed Gonulacar- Central Midfielder
Harun Aydin - Central Midfielder
Ferhat Culcuoglu- Central Midfielder signed from Bucaspor
Omer Bayramoglu- Central Midfielder signed from Eskisehirspor
Ahmet Can Arik - Midfielder
Erhan Senturk - Attacking Midfielder signed from Kocaeli Birlikspor
Omer Bozan - Attacking Midfielder
Ahmet Yavzur - Attacking Midfielder
Mustafa Ozturk - Attacking Midfielder
Emre Sahin - Attacking Midfielder signed from Bucaspor
Mashun Kara - Midfielder
Hursit Tasci - Attacking Midfielder signed from Istanbulspor

Enes Kubat - Forward
Murat Yilmaz - Forward signed from Altinordu
Ali Sinan Gayla - Forward
Irfan Batuhan Yilmaz - Forward
Hasan Kaya - Forward


  1. Thank you very much for the list of new squad.

    There is a problem with League 2 table on the right panel because it is not the correct one, the Red Group table. I think, it should be changed :)

  2. You are right Sinan. Unfortunately Soccerway don't allow embedded league tables anymore (ie I an't get the code for the Ankaragucu league). Does anyone know of anywhere we can get a Red Group league table?

  3. I am not sure about that but you maybe try these sources:

  4. I’ve only seen Ankaragucu play twice this season and I know it’s early days to make judgements, however, I will mention a few players who have impressed me so far and I’ll be following their progress to see if my impressions were accurate.

    No10 – Omer – very impressed with him. He will be a match winner this season and I’m 100% sure of that !

    No3 – Onur – he’s trying to be an atacking full back. The jury is still out, but I’m optimistic.

    No5 – Alihan – seems steady enough, but he needs to be more organised as the central defender.

    No14 – Harun – he’s still looking the part in midfield and is improving.

    No17 – Enes – no doubting his work rate but he needs support up front.

    No20 – Erhan and No71 – Orhan – fiery characters and can’t be faulted for effort.

    No30 – Serhan Balci – what more can I say about the ex-Fener and Trabzon full back ? He can be the steadying influence in the team in the difficult days ahead !!

  5. Agreed with the assessments Jim. Harun and Muhammed are two very good young players. I also think Ahmet Yavzar will be an important player for us

  6. Agreed Nadeem. I forgot to mention Muhammed. I'll also keep an eye on Ahmet the No50.

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