Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ankaragucu sell 20 Million shares!

Their seems to be an endless wave of good news coming from the Ankaragucu camp in recent weeks. The club have assembled an impressive squad which they hope can win promotion to the PTT Lig this season after 3 years of failure in Lig 2.

Today it was announced that the club have sold 20 Million Turkish Lira worth of shares which has been used to help lift the transfer ban meaning the new players are now free to start their Ankaragucu careers.

Mehmet Yiginer has been instrumental in bringing in this much needed investment to the club and must take credit when due. It's been an rocky ride for Yiginer since he arrived at the club. The dirilis season was his most successful season to date having just missed out on promotion through the playoffs and the stadium full every second weekend. The last two seasons have been disappointing but hopefully this is the start of a bright future for the club.

In other good news, Ankaragucu have also announced that all fans groups will come together and their will be a United fans group with representatives from each group heading up the coming together with help from the club.


  1. Wow. So a company founded on June 2 with registered capital of 50,000TL sells shares worth 20 million TL.

  2. If it was hard to understand Ankaragucu finances before, I suspect it has now become even harder. Some corrections to earlier post:

    Founding capital was 100,000 TL and paid for by the "MKE Ankaragucu Genclik ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi". That may actually be the club itself, or may not.

  3. I'm still suspicious about this having experienced too many 'lows' supporting Ankaragucu. I'll believe it when the 'new squad' are on the pitch next month for the Aydin match !!!