Sunday, August 15, 2021




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu was rather fortunate to ‘escape’ from Istanbul with one point tonight thanks to an opportunist goal from Owusu assisted by Cem.


After a bright start, Ankaragucu faded and Tuzla gradually took control of the match and carried the threat for most of the 1st and half and all of the 2nd half.     They were more direct than Ankaragucu and should really have capitalised on their possession, chances and slack defending by Ankaragucu.


Tuzlaspor          1                 ANKARAGUCU       1


Team – Akin, Murat, Yusuf, Sinan, Pinto, Abdullah, Hasan, Owusu, Geraldo, Cem and Eren


Substitutes- Isak, Ali Kaan, centin and Erdem


The Ankaragucu infamous defence screwed up in the 17th minute to gift Tuzla the lead.     A cross came in with Kinali the only forward in the danger area and he was allowed to have a free header with FOUR Ankaragucu defenders in the danger area with him.   The look on Akin’s face said it all !!!


They should have increased their lead twice before half time, but hit the post with the first effort, and even allowing for a panic in the Ankaragucu defence for the 2nd effort, they construed to miss the chance.


Then with the match 2 minutes into time added on in the 1st half and the referee looking at his watch, Ankaragucu equalised from the only real chance they had in the match, and an excellent goal it was too.    Good work by Cem half way into the Tuzla half to dispossess a defender and a great pass to Owusu who evaded a tackle and shot high into the centre of the goal with the goalkeeper well beaten.


Ankaragucu did have one chance after the break after a flowing move, but Geraldo’s  shot was weak.    I despair about Geraldo and ask the question ................ ‘Will he ever score a goal for Ankaragucu’  ??    Surely his days are numbered at this Club !!!


Tuzla hit the bar shortly after and was giving the Ankaragucu defence a torrid time.    Akin had to look lively to finger-tip a goal bound header over  and Tuzla had 2 more genuine chances but their finishing was wayward.


Coach Mustafa Dalci has a major job on his hands, and from what I’ve seen tonight it is going to be a long hard slog to avoid another relegation battle.


There is no commanding presence in the defence (Sinan is a tall man, but so so slow !!), there is no midfield general to dictate play and I’m sorry to say that Pinto is not the man to wear the captain’s armband.      Cem and Owusu look to have potential, but Eren is too slow to be a lethal striker.     I’m sure Mustafa Bey has clocked these points, but the main question is ........... does he have the wherewithal to rectify the situation   ??!!


Ankaragucu will be at home next Sunday when they host Kocaelispor.     Let’s see if there are any signs of improvement.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Thanks for the report Jim.

    This match went the way i expected it. Ankaragucu have bought too many old and slow players. But why would we expect anything different when Emre Yildiz and the same transfer committee we have used the last 2 years and have got most transfers wrong.

    Eren Derdiyok should never have started. He was walking about the pitch and it was painful to watch. Geraldo is hopeless and is now 20 games 0 goals and 0 assists in his Ankaragucu career to date.

    The only positives for me were Owusu, Huseyin and Cem. The rest need to up their game and get fit ASAP.

  2. Agreed Nady !! Another key player with fitness concerns is Centre Back Sinan. He runs like a guy on stilts, has no lateral movement and has the speed of a cart-horse.

    Like I said in the report, Mustafa Bey has a mega job on his hands to up the fitness level and have them playing like a 'team' !!

  3. However, we need to be realistic in our expectations for this season with some really difficult matches on the horizon. There are teams in this league who all have aspirations to re-join The Super League, eg, Denizli, Bursa, Erzurum and Adana to name but 4. !!!

  4. Hello Jim!

    First of all, congratulations for your blog, it help me a little bit to understand football in Ankara.

    I've just came from Spain and I'm unfamiliar with football tickets in Turkey, and I'm wondering if you can help me a little bit.

    I understood that I have to register in passolig to get a card (I can do it with my Spanish passport) and after that buy the tickets in Passo webbsite or app.

    Main problem is I can't find the season tickets of Ankaragücü in Passo website, or even single tickets for the next match. Are they both sold out?

    I also went to Eryaman stadium yesterday but the ticket office was closed (According to the security guy and Google translator they are opened from 9 to 16, and I'm working during that time)

    I'm a Cádiz CF fan, and we share same colours and same year of foundation of the club (1910) than Ankaragücü, which leads me to support obviously the team.

    I think my next move is to apply for the Passolig card and then... do't know what to do, maybe try again on Saturday to get the tickets... any advice?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, best regards
    Antonio Catalán

  5. Hi Antonio

    Can you email me at and we can try and help you with this?


  6. I'll do that Nady!


  7. Welcome to the Kanka Group Antonio.

    I'm out of Ankara for a week or so, but I see that Nady and Ahmet will try to help you with the Passolig thing. I have to be honest and tell you that I didn't renew mine yet due to the effin Covid !!

    Harun, Damon and I sometimes meet in Ankara to watch Ankaragucu or just to moan and groan about them. I'll let you know when we meet. Presume Nady put you into our Whatsap Group so we can communicate there.

    Look forward to meeting you.