Saturday, April 07, 2007

The end of the European dream?

Certainly is getting depressing being a Genclerbirligi fan.

Trabzon 4 - 3 Genclerbirligi

I missed most of the first half thanks to taking Little Oz Kanka to the park. So afraid I can't really comment on the first three goals, two from Trabzon and one from Gencler.

Second half though and I quite liked what I saw, admittedly this is only being said in comparison to the absolute rubbish we saw in last week's match against Besiktas.

Trabzon opened up the second half with a goal making it seemingly impossible for us and then we were given a penalty when former Gencler man Ayman took down Cakir (I think) in the box. A silly foul really as Cakir was not in a very dangerous position (ie back to goal somewhere near the corner of the box).

Okan Ozturk stood up and scored.

Then my heart sank as Isaac Promise came on. He didn't really do anything besides stuff up a few good half-chances when he had men in the clear but failed to pass properly.

But what was this. A free-kick taken by Mehmet Cakir from quite a way out gets around the wall and bounces off the goalkeeper's head and into the goal.

Amazing stuff. 3-3 and we were playing the better football, although Trabzon were always looking dangerous on the counterattack.

Then comes heartbreak No. 1.. Trabzon are given a penalty for handball when it was clear that the ball had hit Cakir in upper breast region. Penalty converted.

Full on attack from Gencler and in the 93rd minute Draman gets a cross in and Okan was brought down scissors-style.

Okan steps up and gives us heartbreak No. 2.. Okan has a jerky style when going for his penalties and despite sending it high to the right of the keeper, their man made the stop.

The result means Trabzon leap above us on the table and the dream of a UEFA Cup spot is looking further and further away.

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  1. I think Hibbie Kanka was spot-on when he compared present day Gencler with Hibernian.

    Who could believe that Gencler would score THREE goals in Trabzon and lose ??!!

    I anticipate another depressing report from Hibbie Kanka soon on today's disaster in Dunfermline !

    Pleeeezzzz Pleeeezzzzz ANKARAGUCU give us something to cheer about tomorrow on this weekend of frustration !!!!