Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I had a good belly laugh at an article in a recent Weekly Telegraph, which I'm sure will also amuse Oz Kanka !

QUOTE.... A Tourism Australia advertising campaign, which used the catchphrase ''Where the bloody hell are you ?'', has been banned after complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority ordered the removal of the ''offensive'' posters after 32 complaints about the use of a swear word. Tourism Australia said that it had intended to extend a hospitable welcome in ''a uniquely Australian manner''. UNQUOTE.

Some of those ''goody goody'' Aussies should come to 19 Mayis Stadium, Chopin Bar or Cappadokia Bar where they will hear ''real'' offensive swear words. Eski Kanka, for one, is infamous for his expletives !!!

Strewth ! Get real you olde fuddy-duddies !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I also had a good belly laugh reading your piece Sir Eski Kanka because what you have failed to realise is that it is the "British", not the "Australian", Advertising Standards Authority that has banned the posters.

    Perhaps we need to get some of your "goody goody" lot down to the 19 Mayis.

  2. Mmmmmm ahhhhhhhem are you really sure about that ?

    Let's just say it was the INGALLISH Advertising Stardards Authority and keep Sir Eski happy.... well.... reasonably happy anyway !!!

    Better still, come to Cappadokia Bar tonight for the Werder Bremen V AZ ALKMAAR match and listen to Eski Kanka's foul language if you dare ?!