Monday, April 23, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A beautiful sunny Spring day in Ankara awaited the gathering of the kankas in The Chopin Bar where we sat ouside for the first time this year.

First up were the ANKARAGUCU kankas who were joined later by a `nervous` motley crew of Gencler kankas who were obviously intimidated by the sheer presence of the ANKARAGUCU kankas and so elected to sit on a separate table. However, the hand of friendship was extended and they soon joined us even though the slagging continued !

An impressive turnout of kankas were there – Mountaineering Kanka and Kankie, Mark (he supports Bristol Rovers (yazik) – so perhaps Blind Loyalty Kanka would be an appropriate name for him ??!!), Maniac Kanka, Ian and his wife (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the match), Marash Kanka, Battle Hardened Kanka, Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka (he is becoming more famous – watch out for his photo appearing in the Gencler Magazine soon), Smart Arse Kanka and his beautiful wife, Spine Kanka, French Kankie, Flying Dutchman Kanka and his darling Saadet (kankie name ?) and yours truly. Apoligies for any omissions !

(Oz Kanka here: You forgot Lanky Kanka Jorg and his mate. Wolfgang and his two boys Christian and Christof - I think I got the spellings right)

PHOTO: Christian and Christof, two of the Sir Eski's "forgotton kankas". In the background is Wolfgang and French Kanka Hande.

The new arrivals into Ankara, Bonnie, Jim, James and his sister (name ?) from the Yoo-Ess-Ov-Ai couldn’t join us because they were seated in comfort in Protokol ! James plays footie for the ANKARAGUCU Youth Team and has obviously been quick to make the right connections (Torpil) !!

Off to the Stadium (opposite ends of course !) and, as usual for the ANKARAGUCU contingent – long queues to enter. We finally made it in 5 minutes into the match.

The Stadium was almost full of ANKARAGUCU supporters and their singing and dancing didn’t stop throughout the match. The small group of Gencler supporters at the away end were obviously in awe of such numbers and noise and were stunned into silence throughout. I counted about 50, but it could have been 51 ??!! (Oz Kanka here: Lucky Sir Eski Kanka is an English teacher because he certainly can't count!)

The match was pretty even in the first 30 minutes with both teams trying to control midfield, but it was ANKARAGUCU who were looking the most likely to score. Serkan in the ANKARAGUCU goal could have joined us in Gecikondu for all the action he was seeing !!

The high point (or sore point !) of the first half came after 20 minutes when Gokhan (Gencler goalkeeper) and his defender Erhan got into a muddle in defence with a clearance and Tita let fly with a ferocious shot which should have been buried in the net. However, he hit it straight into Gokhan’s `goolies` when it would have been easier to score. A great photo shot for the press cameramen with Gokhan doubled-up in pain clutching his `jewels` ! Not so funny for those of us who have suffered such pain and all credit to Gokhan for resuming after recovering in about 5 minutes.

Approaching half-time and Mustafa had a great effort saved by Gokhan who was in inspired form.

PHOTO: Wolfgang and French Kanka Hande

Into the 2nd half and it was all ANKARAGUCU now with Gencler on the back foot and trying to break out of defence without much success. It was only a matter of time before ANKARAGUCU scored, but unfortunately Gokhan continued to prove an impregnable barrier. ANKARAGUCU threw everything at him and the goal just wouldn’t come.

ANKARAGUCU brought Bebbe on half way through the 2nd half (why was he not on from the start I wonder ??!!) and as usual he foraged away up front, but without Tita’s guile to open spaces for him, he couldn’t find a way past a solid Gencler defence and……. Gokhan. The fact that Mustafa was obviously tiring towards the end didn’t help either.

For the supporters who might have been bored with the scoreline, there was plenty of entertainment from the ANKARAGUCU supporters performing their OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, ANKARA song and dance routine in super surround-sound. The antics of Gecekondu, Maraton and Kapali will long be remembered by those unused to this type of support !!!

PHOTO: Little Oz Kanka gives his verdict on the match as Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave looks on.

So the match ended 0-0, and without wishing to state the obvious, I am sure both teams will see new faces next season. What was painfully obvious from an ANKARAGUCU perspective was the lack of fire-power up front and Mr Cemal Aydin MUST put his hand in his pocket and find a strike partner or two for Bebbe.

It was off to The Cappadokia Bar for post-match refreshment and match analysis. The highlight of the evening was an impromtu Dutch Dance from Flying Dutchman Kanka on hearing that his beloved AZ Alkmaar had won the Dutch League for the first time since Nineteen Canteen !!! Hidden talent there – perhaps a stage career beckons ??!!

PHOTO: Sir Eski Kanka clearly has a drinking problem. Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and SMYK Dave in the background.

So, with Gencler lying in 9th position we can put aside Ankara’s UEFA Cup ambitions for another season. ANKARAGUCU is in 12th position but still only 4 points above Rize in 3rd bottom position. Therefore, next Saturday’s match in Rize will be another `SIX POINTER` for ANKARAGUCU.

Gencler will be at home against 2nd bottom Erciyes on Saturday KO 3.30pm. Hopefully a win for Gencler will ease the pressure on ANKARAGUCU.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Apologies to the Germans and Austrians - no hard feelings ??

    Should have remembered Sergeant Major Kanka Wolfgang because my darts team is playing his darts team tomorra, and we will do what ANKARAGUCU couldn't do yesterday....... kick arse yessssss !!!

    Should also have remembered the two handsome and polite young Chriss' - with manners like theirs it is obvious they are Gencler fans !!!

  2. well at least you had fun.....I guess you had to entertain yourselves as there was precious little promise of any tunaful entertainments on the pitch.....

  3. Hey Gulay's Handsome Husband. Don't be so negative.

    Let me sing you a song to cheer you up ? Ready ? After 3 then,..... 1.....2.....3.....

    We don't care if we win lose or draw.

    What the hell do we care.

    Because we only know that there's going to be a show.

    And ANKARAGUCU will be there !!

    Now then. Don't you feel a lot better ?

    Just think more positive thoughts....

    ManYoo will win 4-0 tonight.
    Besiktas and FB will lose their next 3 matches and CimBom will clinch the league.

    How do you feel now ????

  4. Mmmmmmm join the club.

    Hibs crashed out of the Scottish FA Cup last night at the semi final stage for the 3rd year running.

    Depressed !!!