Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stalemate in Scottish Cup Semi

Hibs and Dunfermline could not muster a goal between them in this Scottish Cup semi final.

It was a good game with plenty of incidents however both teams lacked a bit of quality in front of goal. Dunfermline had two very good chances, one after about 10 minutes when they hit the post and the follow up attempt was well saved by the Hibs goalkeeper. Their second was 10 minutes from time but Masons shot skimmed the bar.

Hibs conjured up a number of chances but a combination of good goalkeeping and poor finishing meant we have to go into a replay. The replay is sheduled for Tuesday 24th April, hopefully Hibs will have their shooting boots on. There will be no mini hibbee kankas at the replay as it is a evening kick off and also through in Glasgow however I will be attending with Hibbee Kanka Brother Neil (Am I allowed to give out a Kanka name).

My daughter Charlotte came to the semi final, she makes Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka look tame so any suggestions of a name for her?

Hibs have gone into a bit of a mini slump in form since winning the CIS cup last month, remember that Sir Eski? Two defeats and a draw meant the only route to the UEFA cup is to get to the Scottish cup final. One of these defeats was against our local rivals Hearts, that was a hard one to take and to make matters worse the Hearts fans refused to leave the ground thus holding up Hibs parading the CIS cup for their fans.

If the results were not bad enough a crisi developed at Easter Road when the players apparently complained to the Chairman about the managers training methods. The Glasgow based press jumped on this story and blew it out of proportion (I hope). After a few days the players issued a public appology to the manager and club which seems to have been accepted. One player has been sacked and a couple of others repremanded, hopefully the whole sorry saga is finished and we can settle down and win the semi final.

I will try and be more prompt with the semi final replay report.

Hibbee Kanka


  1. Better ask Sir Eski if you are allowed to hand out kanka names. He is the boss after all.

    Good luck in the replay

  2. Not such good news coming from Hibbie Kanka these days !

    However, we Hibs (and Ankaragucu) supporters, unlike Gencler supporters, have optimism in abundance.

    So, putting the players mini-revolt aside, we should be going to Hampden on Tuesday with fire in our bellies and a strong feeling of desire.

    I, for one, anticipate Hibs giving Dunfermline a thrashing and taking up their God given right to represent Scotland in the UEFA Cup !!

    As for Kanka names..... I have to inform everyone that Eski Kanka is not a dictator and our kankas names should be agreed by all.

    Ladies first.... and I have seen Hibbie Kanka's youngest. She is a real character and I can well believe that she could be wilder that Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka (but only just !!).

    I have also seen her performing with bravado on the trampoline. So, my nomination is.... Mini Dangerous Trampolining Kankie !

    As for Hibbie Kanka's brother Neil, having been in his superb go-fast Volvo and witnessed his Advanced Advanced driving skills, I suggest .... Cool Hand Kanka !

    Any comments ???

    PS.... Nil comments constitutes acceptance !!!