Saturday, April 14, 2007

Four matches without a win

Just one victory against an Istanbul side this season. Just one! Is it too much to ask for? Obviously yes, as Genclerbirligi stuffed up yet again.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 3 Galatasaray

I'm not sure where all the kankas are at the moment, still on holidays celebrating the execution of a do-good hippy? Only God knows. But Sir Eski Kanka, Ertank Kanka, French Kanka Hande and myself made it down to the Chopin for a few pre-match drinks and then back into the traffic jam that is Ankara nowadays - I blame Melih Gokcek - and into the stadium.

A decent crowd, around about the 12,000 mark (if you count the Ankara yalakalar supporting Galatasaray) and we all cheered as the Genclerbirligi players came on to the field with a banner sponsored by the UNHCR in support of refugees. Was this an attempt to humilate the Australian government's totally inhumane policies when it comes to people merely trying to better themselves? I doubt it, but I certainly support the idea.

According to an Anatolian news agency report I have just read at the end of the national anthem both teams supporters shouted "Martyrs do not die, the country will not be divided".

While it is clear that almost all the Galatasaray fans shouted this, only a vey small minority of Gencler fans joined in. I'm not criticising the Cim Bom fans here, just pointing out that us Gencler fans do not buy into this petty nationalism.

Match on and blaaahhhhhhhh

A few good moves by Draman which resulted in nothing. Gencler were playing fast for the first 10 minutes or so but nothing was getting anywhere near the Galatasaray goal.

Then Cem Deda decided it was time to earn some money when he awarded Galatasaray a penalty for God knows what.

Penalty converted and hearts sank.

Not long later Galatasaray had a corner and whoever was supposed to be covering Necati should hang their head in shame. 2-0

We weren't playing all that badly, although we weren't playing all that well either, but the referee was so clearly biased. We couldn't believe the fouls he was awarding to the Galatasaray players who were falling left, right and centre. Pathetic performance Cem Deda. You are a joke.

Half time and we had still not had a single shot on goal. In fact, I'm pretty sure we hadn't had a single shot... anywhere near goal.

During the half time break we went down to get a cup of tea and while in line and someone called out "Jimmmmm". It seems as if some Ankaragucu supporter, wearing his scarf, was at the match and recognised our very own Sir Eski Kanka. Can't take him anywhere!

Second half and the Ankara born and bred Galatasaray supporters were in full voice. Of course we shouted our "You are all Istanbul children" chants at them to piss them off, and pissed off they were, but the fact was they were winning and we were in our normal state of depression.

This was only added to when Galatasaray pulled off a very nice goal. They had the ball in or around the box, players were being pulled every which way and then Hasan Sas (wanker, I'd like to point out) put in a nice ball to former Gencler man Umit Karan who headed it in. Where the hell was our defence? Who was watching Karan? Oh dear oh dear.

So, 3-0 down and still Mondragon had yet to be troubled by a shot. Pathetic stuff.

Finally we got a shot on goal, and actually into the goal, in the 76th minute when Erkan got a nice pass in past Mondragon and to Isaac Promise (who had come on as a substitute) who merely tapped it in.

3-1, match nearly over, and we clearly didn't have a chance. IE: time to take the piss out of the management.

Anyone who has read my reports about Genclerbirligi knows that I am no longer a fan of Genclerbirligi chairman Ilhan Cavcav. The man may have done wonderful things for the club in the past but he is now too old and too stupid to run a bakkal, let alone a football club.

So it was with great voice that French Kanka Hande and myself joined in the denounciations of a bloke who, quite simply, should bloody well retire.

"We do not want a Cim Bom chairman", we shouted, in reference to the fact that Cavcav only got re-elected at the end of last season thanks to signing up to the club some 1,200 Galatasaray supporters.

"Pickle your money, Cavcav", in response to the fact that Cavcav prefers to sell all of our best players rather than try and win the league, or at least get us into Europe.

"Risp, Risp, Risp", for the same reason as above. Our best defender, who was quite happy to stay at Gencler for the season was sold to Trabzon mid season.

"Cem Onuk, get your hands off Genclerbirligi," a reference to the bloke who replaced our dearly beloved Hasan Cetinkaya (the bloke who kissed Zagreb Kanka)

"Diyadin, Diyadin, Diyadin", the very popular and successful coach of Genclerbirligi Oftas who was sacked two weeks ago by ... you guessed it ... Cavcav.

Match over and we are told by the police to get out quickly. I assumed that this was because they were afraid that there might be fights between us and the Ankara Galatasaray fans. Once again the police didn't have a clue. As much as I hate the Ankara Galatasaray fans, they are not hooligans looking for a fight. They were there tonight supporting their team, singing and jumping up and down. They were extremely pissed off with our calling them "yalakalar" and "Istanbul cocuklar" but at no time was a single object thrown at us (the distance between us and the Galatasaray fans was very little).

So we got out of the Maraton stand to find that it wasn't the Galatasaray fans ready to take us on but Cavcav's supporters. Don't worry, nothing happened. But it was clear that the group of around 50-100 Cavcav thugs were looking for a fight. It has happened before but luckily it didn't kick off tonight.

Later on Sir Eski Kanka was very critical of our fans behaivour, saying we should be supporting our boys on the pitch. I get the point but quite frankly I don't see how we can go anywhere until Cavcav is gone.

We finally got out without getting into any fights and Sir Eski, French Kanka and myself went off to the Red Lion Club for a few more Efes beers. There was one quite good looking girl at the bar who had a very short denim mini-skirt... aaahhh that's a story for a different kind of blog.


  1. EFES..... mmmmm... delicious !

    The match...... no further comments necessary !

    That girl in the Red Lion Club... mmmmmmm ......... yessssss.... very tasty. Apart from the denim mini skirt, she was wearing fishnet tights which went all the way up to her ..... you know where !!! She had shoulder length blonde hair, green eye make up, pink lipstick, silver earrings with a kind of cross motif and a silver ring on her right hand ring finger.

    However, apart from that, I didn't really notice her !!!! Honissssst trussssssst me !!!

  2. Anonymous1:57 pm

    great report oz kanka!! time to say good bye to cavcav, without him we would have been in UEFA Cup 2006/2007, we all remember the problems of the board/re-election just on the last match day vs. rizespor... thanks to his "fantastic" politic risp & ayman left this year and cakir signed in alkmaar- but.. there is still hope, even after the worsest performance of Gencler this season, there is still hope for the UI cup... (means a little bit of european football, cheers, Lanky Kanka