Monday, April 02, 2007

Sir Eski v Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam

As you can see, poor Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam is receiving his marching orders from Sir Eski. There was only ever going to be one winner there!

Not even a goal of the game of the underside of the bar could save him, there is no justice says Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam.


  1. jeremyrueter@yahoo.com3:21 am

    Maybe I'm an idiot but I can't find any way to email you guys. I'd like to exchange links but can't figure out any way to contact you. Please don't red card me like the little hooligan.

  2. OK Jeremy. No red card for YOU... yet !

    I will let our `lead journalist`, Oz Kanka, email you with details and an invitation to join gmail which will be necessary if you wish to comment on our blog.

    As for Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka Liam, I have had 2nd thoughts about his `offside` goal and am writing to the Scottish FA to request that they reinstate his goal.

    However, the Red Card will lie on his file until my next visit and then...... perhaps another Red Card heh heh heh !!!

  3. Jeremy,
    Why do you want to exchange links?

  4. Is it true that the FA are looking into extending the ban Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka Liam to force him to sit out the rest of the season?

  5. That will be the SFA you mean Oz Kanka, you should know better by now.

    Please don't tempt the authorities to increse the ban, the thought of Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka going through the house on Saturday mornings kicking the rest of us is torture. For our safety he would be better out on the football field.

    Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka would like me to point out that he just completed eight matches at a competition in Ayr with no yellow or red cards collected. I think the refs must have been too lenient, either that or he is telling Porkies.

  6. Trusssssst ME........ he is telling porkies !!!

    Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka going through ONE match without a yellow card is a miracle, but going through a whole competition is just stretching the imagination too far me thinks !!!!

    By the way, did the Oxgang Hooligans win it ?

    By the way, by the way, I'm toying with the idea of rescinding my red card in the interest of domestic peace - watch this space for further !

  7. zagreb kankie3:18 pm

    Hi my dear Kankas!
    I am back! :-)
    Greetings from sunny Zagreb!

    Love ya- all!
    Your Yagreb Kankie

  8. RED is the colour of Croatia and we all love this colour... especially Zagreb Kankie and Eski Kanka heh heh heh !!!

    I just love to see the tears running down little boys eyes when I bring out the red card heh heh heh !!!