Monday, May 21, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A horror show in Ankara last night from ANKARAGUCU saw the celebrations curtailed even though relegation was averted by results elsewhere.

ANKARAGUCU 1 Sivasspor 4

A disappointing turn-out at The Chopin Bar with lots of ANKARAGUCU kankas missing…. Tut tut tut ! Maniac Kanka Harun and Husso Kanka were first to show up, followed by yours truly, then Spine Kanka Steve and French Kankie Hande showed up minus their Gencler colours (very diplomtic of Steve to wear Sari/Lacivert and Hande in her Bond Girl T Shirt !!). Marash Kanka Hakan was next to show, and surprise surprise, he wasn’t drinking Fanta !!! Last up was Aynur Kankie just as we were about to leave for the Stadium.

Photo: Sir Eski Kanka

Into the Stadium on time for Kick-Off and it all started so optimistically with the Sadium almost full of ANKARAGUCU supporter groups. The `Olay Olay Olay` song featured again in the 1st half when ANKARAGUCU was doing all the attacking. Quadrophonic sound from Gecekondu, Maraton, Pegasus and Kapali kept us entertained even if they did distract us from the footie action sometimes !!

It was looking good for ANKARAGUCU with Bebbe and Tita going close and it was only a matter of time before they scored I was thinking. WRONG !!!

Some dithering and indecision in midfield from Da Silva on the half hour mark gifted the ball to Sivas and Cvetkov had the simplest of tasks to score with Serkan left exposed. Da Silva was to continue to have a nightmare match in midfield alongside the equally ineffective Aytekin. I have to ask the question (yet again !)…… how long must we wait for Aytekin to take control of midfield and string more than two passes together ??!!

Half time arrived and we were still optimistic that ANKARAGUCU would take at least one of the many chances which were being created by the impressive Yasin and Dereli. Spine Kanka mentioned that he was sure ANKARAGUCU would score attacking into the Gecikondu end in the 2nd half. Well………… he was right, but …….. he forgot to mention how may Sivas would score at the other end !!!

Photo: French Kanka

Unfortunately, Dereli failed to appear for the 2nd half having sustained a head injury in the opening minutes of the match. However, all credit to him for his typical tenacious display in the first half. It is a pity that some of his colleagues don’t have his spirit and `will to win` attitude !!

Then, disaster struck 5 minutes into the 2nd half. With ANKARAGUCU throwing caution to the wind and everyone forward, Sivas broke away at speed (how many goals have we conceded this season under these circumstances ?!) and Cvetkov again having the easiest of chances with Serkan left exposed yet again.

Two minutes later, with ANKARAGUCU reeling from conceding this `soft` goal, they were caught out yet again with another fast breakaway which Colosimo despatched with ease to put Sivas 3-0 ahead and ANKARAGUCU well punished for their schoolboy tactics !]

Photo: Spine and French Kanka

However, the tactics didn’t change and caution continued to be thrown to the wind, and even our full-back Sedat joined the attack to add height up front. The reward finally came with 10 minutes remaining when a fine piece of skill from Bebbe allowed him to elude his marker and calmly lob the ball over the out-rushing Petkovic for an excellent goal.

Too little too late I was wondering ? Then, 2 minutes later Petkovic had a sudden rush of blood to his head when he booted the ball away when it was going out of play. Having already received a yellow card for time wasting tactics, the referee had no option but to show him the red card (Eski Kanka’s fav colour !!). Not a problem under normal circumstances, but Sivas had already used their 3 substitutes ! So, one of their defender’s (the smallest on the field) took over in goal and I thought …….. hmmmmm, this game isn’t over yet with about 10 minutes remaining.

What an ideal opportunity to test him with some long range shots I was thinking. However, it was not to be with ANKARAGUCU huffing and puffing making one pass too many. So, their stand-in goalkeeper was never put to the test, except to scamble away a corner with the help of his defence.

Yet further disaster was about to unfold. With all the ANKARAGUCU players attacking it was left to Mehmet to score another break-away goal with Serkan again helpless stop it. So, relief at last when the final whistle arrived to save further embarassment. All the ANKARAGUCU tribunes called the Sivas team over at the end to applaud them, and although I didn’t join in, I have to say that they took their chances well and gave ANKARAGUCU a lesson in predatory striking tactics, ie, how to score goals !!!

Before closing, I have to mention one curious tactical facet of the match. After Aytekin has been replaced (much applause from Eski Kanka !) by Devran, he was playing as a left winger and all credit to him for his effort and his undoubted skill, but…………. what was painfully obvious was that he can’t kick a ball with his left foot !! Every time he attacked down the left wing he had to cut in to the right and fire a cross in with his right foot. This was bread and butter for the Sivas right full back who didn’t require a compass to know which way to defend !!! Hikmet Karaman ……… please note !!!

Oz Kanka had requested that Spine and I were to keep a look-out for an Aussie playing for Sivas – I think it was Colosimo ? No matter. It was impossible to tell who was who in the Sivas team due to the tiny writing on their shirts. We would have needed binnoculars and unfortuately none of us brought binnoculars with us !!! So, sorry we couldn’t oblige Oz !

Photo: Maniac Kanka and Aynur

There was no `after match activity` last night due to the depression suffered by Maniac and Eski Kankas. It was straight home with sullen faces !!

Next weekend (probably Saturday) ANKARAGUCU will be playing Fener in Istanbul. There will be no cavalier attacking there I presume. Backs against the wall and keep the scoreline respectable ??!! We will probably be watching this match in The Cappadokia Bar so watch your in box for details.

All the best from a depressed Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Two Aussies playing for Sivas. One scores and the other gets sent off. Good stuff

  2. Strewth...... and I bet both their first names are Bruce !!!

  3. Steve and Jason, I think.

  4. Bu posttaki bazi bölümlere cok güldüm, ama özellikle de blogun basligindaki Ankaraspor kismina güldüm:))

    Güzel bir blog. Tebrikler.

  5. Thanks Emre. Nice to see someone understanding our not so friendly attitude to Gokcekspor.

    By the way, I just saw that Colosimo has been named in the Australia squad.

  6. By the way, nice photos of Aynur, Hande and Steve.

    However, I wonder why Maniac Kanka and yours truly were not smiling ???!!!

  7. The Fenerbahce v ANKARAGUCU match will be played on Saturday 26 May KO 8.30pm.

    Meeting in The Cappadokia Bar from 7pm onwards to watch it on Lig TV.

    Hope to see you there.