Monday, May 14, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It was all singing and dancing in Ankara yesterday (an unusual occurrence I can hear you say !) when both Ankara team allowed their long suffering supporters an exhalation of relief.

Antalyaspor 0 ANKARAGUCU 1

There was also singing and dancing in Kadikoy, but we will NOT be mentioning it in this Blog !

Not much I can say about the match (thank you Hurriyet for your in-depth report ?!) except that Bebbe (who else ??) scored the winner 15 minutes from the end of the match.

Burak received a red card 2 minutes after the goal which must surely have put pressure on the defence in the last quarter of the match. However, there are only 2 teams in the league who have conceded fewer goals than ANKARAGUCU (Fener and Besiktas) and this is surely down to Hikmet Bey after last season's poor defensive showing.

Now a message for Hikmet Bey, who I am sure reads our Blog !!!............ The defence is looking good, but we need a high calibre player to do what Ceyhun did for us, ie, create opportunities for scoring. Tita needs help in that area of the field. Also, and equally important, we need a `foil` for Bebbe. Mustafa is getting-on in years and is injury prone. The nucleus is there, but the weaknesses are there for all to see, so, corrective action is essential in the summer break if we are serious about challenging for YooRo footie next season. End of message !!

It is still mathematically possible that the Ankara teams can be dragged back into the relegation zone, but looking at it realistically, it is unlikely.

Sakarya is down, and it looks like a fight between Erciyes, Rize, Denizli and Antalya to see who joins them in the 2nd League.

Looking to next weekend, and ANKARAGUCU will play their last home match against Sivas in what will surely be a `carnival atmosphere` with the Stadium FULL at the ANKARAGUCU sections.

Oz Kanka will be sending out an email when we know the date and timings of the ANKARAGUCU and Gencler matches.

Ready for a celebration ? See you next weekend in The Chopin Bar first and then ....... who knows where after the match !!

All the best from Relieved Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Fingers crossed I can make it to both home games this weekend.

  2. Dear Oz Kanka, now, you have junior Genclerbirligi in the league!...
    what do you think about that?
    Is that a good thing or bad thing?

    Love to hear from you!

  3. It is a BAD thing !!!

    There are (and always have been) only TWO teams in Ankara, ie,

    ANKARAGUCU - The Pride of Ankara


    Genclerbirligi - The (Almost) Pride of Ankara.

    Hope this answers the question in the absence of Oz Kanka ??!!

  4. Safak9:46 am

    And now we can't relegate:), it's like a sort of a championship for us fighting against relegation :)

    I hope Cemal Aydin will strengten our squad a bit for next year, but I have my doubts.

  5. Agreed Safak.

    After watching Erciyes in the Cup Final last week, and if I was Cemal Aydin, I would be inclined to nick a few of their players.

    Also, as I said in another post recently, I would like to see Promising Isaac (Jim's Fav Gencler player !!!) playing up front with Bebbe !

    The bottom line though is that we need to create more goals, and it is up to Hikmet Bey to prise the dosh out of Cemal Aydin to bring the players into the Club who can deliver !!!

  6. Safak2:20 pm

    I hope we won't be a sort of a supplier at the end of the season for Trabzon..

  7. Surely that will not happen AGAIN for the 3rd season in a row ??!!

    A message for Mr Aydin.....

    Let's get stronger...NOT richer !!

    End of message !!