Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News Flash: Bakkal resigns

Genclerbirligi coach Mesut Bakkal resigned an hour or so ago. I'll update at some stage when I actually have some time but it seems that Cavcav wanted to change his assistant and Bakkal refused to back down.

Bloody hell. I was going to interview the bloke on Thursday!

UPDATE: Yes it is true. Bakkal announced at a press conference today that he was resigning, along with three of his assistants, rather than accept Cavcav's proposed changes to the training team.

I've been critical of some of Bakkal's decisions in the past year but on this one I'm on Bakkal's side.

The man took up the coaching position last season after we sacked an idiot who had us in the relegation zone within about eight weeks. Bakkal brought stability to the club and we almost made it into the UEFA Cup until Cavcav decided to completely upset everything with his rigging of the chairman election on the morning of the last game of the season.

This year we started off well and at the winter break there was talk that we might even make it into second place. Then Cavcav took the backbone out of the team when he sold Risp and Ayman to one of the teams that we desperately had to finish above in order to get into Europe.

Since then it has been downhill and if it wasn't for the last couple of wins we could easily have been relegated.

So once again, thanks Cavcav. You've stuffed us up yet again.

The Curse of the Round Ball in Ankara

Some of you may remember how this blog tried very very hard to get an interview with Vlado Bozinoski, the then coach of Ankaragucu at the beginning of the season. We tried and tried and just when I got a hold of his mobile phone number (I won't tell you how I managed that one) and was about to ring him directly... Bang. He was sacked!

Fast forward to now and thanks to some help from Lanky Kanka Jorg I was getting ready to interview Bakkal tomorrow night. Lanky Kanka sent me an e-mail confirming all was on and then bang! Within an hour Bakkal was out.

Anyone have any requests on whom we should try and interview next?


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    how bout ulusoy, he'd be a good one. :)

  2. you could always employ Tigana, or Zico....tee hee or even the coach of Oftas, at least he had some success this season!!!!!!!!

  3. Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek is a suitable subject for a blog interview, I'd have thought.

  4. Yes...... some good suggestions there for Oz Kanka to get his journalistic teeth into !!

    However, please please please do NOT interview Hikmet Karaman. He is our jewel in the crown and the man who is going to take ANKARAGUCU into YooRo footie again next season.

    So, Oz Kanka, see you in the Red Lion Club tonight for some darts and amber nectar ??!!

  5. How about Fatih Terim?
    I think him and Mr.Cav will make a good soccer team!:))))))))
    Oz Kanka,thank you for the complement about my moustache:)))))))
    How about Nathan the Fener Fan?
    He is making big headlines in Turkey now!....
    On a serious note, Genclerbirligi will never have a coach that will be independent as a coach.

  6. last flash!!!!!!!!!!!
    hikmet karaman resign.and bülent korkmaz (erciyesspor trainer)sign for gençlerbirliği