Friday, May 04, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Oz Kanka and Spine Kanka have spurred me into action with another set of statistics for you to ponder.

Having read Spine's ridiculous comments in `God speaks to Maniac Kanka` and Oz Kanka's remarks in `A Record Worth Trumpetting`, it is time to put a few matters into perspective.

As we all know, the present Super League was founded in 1959/1960 season with 2 points being awarded for a win. Later in 1987/1988 season it fell into line with other YooRo leagues and awarded 3 points for a win.

I am sure you will all be interested to know that from 1959/1960 season to 1994/1995 season Genclerbirligi have been relegated to the lower league on 10 occasions. During that period ANKARAGUCU have also been relegated, but only on 3 occasions.

So throughout the existence of the Super League Genclerbirligi amassed a points total of 699 points.

ANKARAGUCU, on the other hand, have amassed 1,009 points.

So, I ask the question. Does that tell us something ?????

Look forward to any comments. However, only sensible ones will be accepted !!!

All the best from The Stats Man, Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Perhaps you wouldn't have so many points if it hadn't been for the actions of a certain president in the early 1980s.

  2. God Bless Kenan Evren for saving Turkey........... and, oh yes, he loves ANKARAGUCU too. So, too did Kemal Ataturk.

    After all, why did he make Ankara the capital and first city of Turkey ??!!

  3. well rumour has it that the great man was a ksdikoy man.....maybe even he could not stand the heat form all the CimBom supporters and simply had to leave!!!!!

  4. Titter titter titter hee hee hee ho ho ho !

    Nice one Gulay.

    Hope I'll still be tittering at 7pm tonight ??!!

  5. dear chris this is an record in the world! one of the 2. leauges teams won the cup 2.times after sunderland fc.and this team was ANKARAGÜCÜ!!!!!!!!
    wait for the new record news from eski kanka jim.

  6. Perhaps Dunfermline and Erciyes can join Sunderland and ANKARAGUCU in the record books...... if they go down, and........ if they win their respective Cups ??!!

  7. Sir Eski, I think you got a bit confused by Harun's post. Sunderland and Ankaragucu were in the 2nd division when they won the cup. Erciyes will be in the 1st division if they win it (not for long obviously).

  8. No....... I'm not confused .... I am maybe ESKI, but...... confused ? no....never !!

    I did say..... `IF` they go down.

    As far as Dunfermline is concerned, I hope they can put St Mirren (from the west of Scotland) down and keep the cream of Scottish Footie in the East of Scotland - home of The Mighty Hibernian !!!