Friday, May 25, 2007

FC Stiefel fall 8-3 to Genclerbirligi

There is a parallel world out there where people actually try to make to contact with the heroes who we report about week in, week out.

Today I had a little taste of that world when the stout men of the German embassy team FC Stiefel took on the trainers, coaches and administrators of Genclerbirligi.

I'm afraid I can't really give you much of a match report (for most of the match I was on the sidelines talking to Gencler forward Okan Ozturk and Erkan Ozbey). I'm not sure how but these guys know about us. They said they know about this English-language site. Creepy really, considering how much we criticsie them.

Back to Stiefel v Gencler. As far as I saw it was all pretty even for a while. Goals where being scored left and centre but I must say that Alpine Kanka Chrisoph did some damn good work in goal. He also buggered up once or twice but we shant mention that. :)

The other Kanka playing today was the legendary Lanky Kanka Jorg. This bloke is not only a true Gencler supporter who stands at about about 10 foot tall but he is the man with all the contacts. Lanky Kanka is leaving Ankara soon, thus the cake at the end of the match today, and even though I hardly know him I already feel as if we have lost one of Gencler's best supporters.

But back to the match that I hardly saw.

The final score 8-3 (well... that was what we agreed upon post-match). The pitch at the Genclerbirligi training ground was brilliant. The spirit in which the game was played was brilliant. The skills, while perhaps being a bit rusty, was brilliant.

Hats off to everyone who played today and I hope that this sort of thing can continue.

PS: I didn't mention Zargreb Kanka's name to Hasan Bey! Should I have?

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  1. Agreed. Lanky Kanka Jorg will be sadly missed by all the kankas in Ankara. Hope you can attend the Kanka BBQ Jorg and enjoy a typical kanka send off ?

    Where are you Miss Zagreb Kankie ?

    I'm sure she will enjoy looking at the photos of Hasan's sexy legs. I have to admit that his knees are sexier than mine !!!