Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The team numbers for this season have just been released by ANKARAGUCU and it was interesting to note that Serkan has retained the No1 shirt ahead of `olde boy` Zafer who took the No22 shirt.

Some of you may recall the `glory days` of Zafer playing for ANKARAGUCU in the UEFA Cup 2000/2001 when Ersun Yanal was coach. He was also the 3rd choice goalkeeper with the Turkish National team who did so well in the World Cup in Japan/S Korea a few years ago.

Most of the `resident` players in the squad have retained last season's numbers, eg,

Emre No2, Hakan Kutlu (Club Captain) No4, Bebbe No9, Da Silva No8 and Mustafa Ozkan No10.

Lots of `new boys` in the squad as I reported a few days ago, and their numbers are -

Abdullah El Yasa No3, Fatih Akyel No5, Ahmet Dursun No7, Krita No11, Muhammed No13, Augustine No15, Tevfik No17, Murat Duruer No18, Sarper No19, Mert No20, Onur No21, Jiri No23, Murat Erdogan No33, Burak No38, Ilkem No39, Can No41, Yasin No42, Abdulkadir No58 and Yunus Balaban No67.

OK, so now we have the numbers....... let's see the action !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Safak spotted ın Ankara..
    Fırst kanka to meet was the manıac today haha

  2. Maniac Kanka has supported ANKARAGUCU even longer than Eski Kanka, so it was right that you should meet him first.

    Look forward to meeting you too.

  3. safak7:32 pm

    I wıll try to come over the 8th of august to ankara. The only problem ıs a place to sta. but that can be solved wıth a cheap hotel or somethıng hehe.. I wıll come over for a half a day to Ankara soon fırst