Monday, July 02, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There has been much activity in the corridors of ANKARAGUCU this summer with lots of comings and goings. Consequently, you could say that we have a brand new ANKARAGUCU.


Aytekin has gone to Antalya.
Petkov, Yordanov, Devran and Tita are going to Ankaraspor.
Sedat Yesilkaya is returning to Gencler after his loan period.

We may also be losing Dereli and Sedat Bayrak. Apparently, they are having `words` with Cemal Aydin and if their problems are not resolved we may lose them to Sivasspor. Watch this space for more on this subject.


Fatih Akyel is coming from Gencler.
Ahmet Dursun is coming from Antalya.
Ibrahim Ege is coming from Denizli.
Ilkem Ozkaynak is coming from Kayseri.
Mohammad Habis is coming from Antep (He originates from Ghana).
Ozgur Bayer is coming from Erciyes.

Also, Augustine is coming back from Trabzon. Great news, but he should never have been allowed to leave ANKARAGUCU in the first place !!!

It is also likely that Martin Kamburov will join us from one of the Sofia teams of Bulgaria and he is expected to sign a contract in the next few days.

I’m not sure what the present situation is with Sergen or Alpay. More information when I have it.

So, as you can appreciate, it will not be easy to assess the potential of the team at this stage. However, with Hans Peter Briegel at the helm to knock them into shape we should at least be quietly optimistic !! They are in their training camp in Austria at the moment.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. jim, mohammed habıb is comıng from molde(norway)and hi plays for the natıonal team too as left deffender.and we took krita from antep =)

  2. Martin Kamburov!! (from al ahli (qatar) btw
    We also will buy 2 foreign players with worldwide fame..

    Im in Ankara in August hopefully to visit a few games

  3. From Hurriyet this morning (Tuesday) it appears that Cemal Aydin, Dereli and Sedat have kissed and made-up ! Good news for ANKARAGUCU fans me thinks.

    Safak, when you arrive in Ankara, please give a point of contact and we will meet up. Look forward to welcoming you into the Kanka fold.

  4. Thank you Jim, I surely will do that. First I have to finish the graduation period (26 July), I will let you know when I am sure about the period when I will be in Turkey/Ankara.

  5. Safak, good. Let me know your definite dates and I'll give you my email address for contact.

    Maniac Kanka Harun told me today (Wednesday) that Dereli and Sedat joined the team training session today and so this is good news. The toys which were thrown out of the cot are now back in again !!!

    If you remember my posts last season, you will recall that Dereli is almost always my `man of the match`. We can't afford to lose class players like him !

  6. Latest transfer news -

    Unfortunately, Martin Kamburov has failed his medical and therefore will not be joining ANKARAGUCU.

    However, the good news is that Sergen will be going to Eskisehirspor and not coming here yessssssss !!!

    Does anyone want to buy a Sergen ANKARAGUCU top ? Maniac Kanka has 10,000 for sale !!!