Friday, July 20, 2007

Genclerbirligi go down to Arsenal

You may have guessed it before, but normally before I write reports for Genclerbirligi matches I try to check the Turkish news agencies to make sure I get the major facts right, i.e. was I really in Ankara for the match.

Tonight though it seems as if the Turkish press has decided not to bother with what was surely the match of the evening. I notice that the Anatolian news agency has run a report on Fenerbahce versus .... never heard of them before ... Admira Wacker.

So first up I'd like to say well done to the Turkish press. You truly are arseholes.

Back home after a wonderful evening with the Kankas and not a single bloody report to help me out.

But bugger that.

It was a great turnout at the Capadokia Bar. For Gencler we had Spine, French Kanka Hande, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and myself. Ankaragucu supporters were also out in force with Battle Hardened Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka Harun, Sir Eski Kanka, Yanki Kanka and Doctor Kanka.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 3 Arsenal

A quick look at the score and you would assume that we were smashed. I do not think this was the case.

Especially in the first half we played very fast football. The passes were fast and they were sticking. If not for the heroics of the keeper we could have been two-nil up after about 15 minutes.

This was pretty much our top side while Arsenal were mucking around with their squad.

One thing I did notice was that up front we don't have that much... this would have been the perfect game for Isaac Promise but he seems to have got himself into trouble with the management and has been sent to play with our Under 16s team. (have fun Christoph).

Forget about the score, this is a friendly match after all, and look at the way we played. It was fast, much much faster than we played last season. Sandro, who was hardly given a chance last season, had a great game. So did many others. In goal Jesus disproved the moral of the tale of an old testament story concerning a haircut by pulling off a number of good saves in spite of having a hair cut.

As I said, the result was crap but really I don't give a damn. Tonight we played like we used to do under the coaching of Ersun Yanal. If we play like this during the season we will definitely be a team to be reckoned with.

After the match the Ankaragucu fans sang their songs and laughed at us for having Cavcav as a chairman.

I'm sure he doesn't give a shit, but Cavcav has truely become a laughing stock and in becoming one has made all of us Genclerbirligi fans into a laughing stock. Let me state it clearly. Cavcav has done great things for the club in the past but today he is sticking a poker up our arse. RESIGN. And get Cem Onuk to resign with you. We don't want you. We don't like you. I can promise that at every single match this season we will be singing anti-Cavcav chants. So Mr. Cavcav, What does it feel like to be hated by all Genclerbirligi fans? Just retire...

Having said that I thought we played well tonight... did I mention that?


  1. A great report from Oz Kanka as usual, but...... he missed a very important fact. OK, Sandro and Jesus played well, and also the Kloggie in the Arsenal team who scored two of the goals, Van Persie...... but the star of the evening was surely......

    Bebek Kanka - the latest member of the ANKARAGUCU Kanka Group.

    He is only about 4 months old but he definitely stole the show last night. He is brown, cuddly, has long floppy ears, eyes that would melt the coldest heart, and he wears an ANKARAGUCU top !!

    Intrigued ? Perhaps Oz Kanka will show a photo when Spine finally wakes up this morning and sends him the photos ??!!

    By the way, a suggestion for Mr Cavcav...... Why don't you save some money by buying your toilet rolls at Makkro Market ? With the money you save, you could task Maniac Kanka to print the players names on your team shirts so that the TV commentator and punters can recognise who is playing for Gencler ??!!

    I've always maintained that first impressions count, and running out at the beginning of a match looking like professionals is a good start !!

  2. Further............ if you look closely you can see Bebek Kanka beside Maniac Kanka and myself in the photo prior to Oz Kanka's post !!!

  3. By the way...... surprise....... surprise......... Hurriyet carried a brief report of the match.

    The headline was....

    Gencler'in gucu Arsenal'e yetmedi.

    Loosely translated.... Gencler were strong but it was not enough against Arsenal.

  4. Fenerbahce vs. Austrian giants Admira Wacker was certainly match of the week.

    Just kidding. :)

  5. I've heard of Admira Wacker, but.... who were they playing ??!!

    Just kidding !!!

  6. flying Dutchman Kanka5:03 pm

    Great photo!
    Judging by the colour of the liquid in our glasses you would've thought we were all drinking pint glasses of WATER :-O Oh... but of course we were ... we were drinking water honest!