Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cavcav says "up yours" to Genclerbirligi fans

As Ertank pointed out in a comment on Tuesday Genclerbirligi are not selling kombine (season) tickets this year. This is now pretty much official. In a clear "up yours" statement aimed at us, the fans of Genclerbirligi, Genclerbirligi Chairman Ilhan Cavcav is reported by the Ilhas news agency as saying it is because we said some nasty things about him. Diddums

So one week he complains that no one in Ankara supports Genclerbirligi, but doesn't think this has anything to do with year-after-year selling our best players, and now he goes and makes it more difficult for us real fans to get the matches.

So we will have to line up every match to get tickets. Thanks a lot Cavcav.

That IHA article:

Angry at the jeering by supporters of the red and black fans Genclerbirligi Club Chairman Ilhan Cavcav has stopped the sale of season tickets.

With the season starting soon there is an interesting development at Genclerbirligi. While Genclerbirligi supporters were waiting for the sale of season tickets to begin it has been learnt that Ilhan Cavcav decided to not sell season tickets this season.

Even if the recommendation from the Police Headquarters that season tickets should be used to prevent stadium violence it has been stated that Genclerbirligi will not sell season tickets.

It has been learnt that the reason for not selling season tickets is because Cavcav got angry at the jeering against him by the fans.

The red and black fans showed reactions against Cavcav following the sale of important players Ayman and Risp to Trabzonspor.

The red and black fans, led by the Alkaralar Fans Group, jeered Cavcav saying "Cavcav, kefenin cebi yok ki*".

It is awaited with interest how the fans will react after this decision...

* The shroud has no pockets: ie you can't take your money to the grave


  1. It will be interesting to see if Cemal Aydin will take the opposite tack this season and say `up yours` Cavcav !!

    A task for Maniac Kanka to find out the latest on ANKARAGUCU's kombine ticket intentions.

  2. I'm outraged. He's gone too far. In fact, I want Mr. Cavcav to know that as a gesture of protest I will NOT be renewing my season ticket this year.

  3. Interesting..... perhaps an opportune moment to persuade Spine Kanka to support Ankara's first team...... ANKARAGUCU ??!!

  4. Spine takes direct action! Perhaps he will join us in our anti-Cavcav chants this year by actually learning what they are!

  5. er. something about pickles? it's hard to hear the chanting in maraton sometimes over the crunch of pine nuts.