Monday, July 16, 2007

Hanging by a thread

Full time
Thailand 0 - 4 Australia
Oman 0 - 0 Iraq

So Iraq top the group and will face Vietnam in the next round while our stuffing around in previous matches means we get to face defending champions Japan.

I didn't actually get to see the match as my internet connection was rubbish today. Don't worry though I will wait for the reports to come in and then steal their ideas and pass them off as my own. Might take me a while though I'm rather busy this evening.

EDIT: Monday evening: I've decided I can't be bothered to report on the match but it does seem that the scoreline was rather flattering. Expect us to be thrashed by Japan on Saturday in the quarterfinal.

A letter in this evening's Guardian football e-mail. Obviously written before today's match:

"The current Asian Football Championships have shown that Fifa needs to crack down on countries bending the rules to qualify for World Cups. Thrashing easy beats might make you look good but it humiliates the weak and embarrasses the game. Shame on you Oman, Iraq and the rest of the Asian powerhouses for picking on Australia!" - Nicholas Hartley


  1. At last....congratulations to the Aussies on making it through to the next stage, even if it was by the skin of their teeth.

    Japan (who are they ?) should hold no fear for the Aussies after beating The Mighty Thailand.

  2. Not often (well never !) will you hear me say anything positive about the bloody Guardian, but... I have to confess they sometimes make me laugh !!!