Monday, July 09, 2007

Farewell Lanky Kanka Pt. II

At Lanky Kanka's goodbye reception on Friday night at Budakaltı restaurant. Left to right: Sir Eski Kanka, Lanky Kanka, Genclerbirlgi Oftas Vice President Suphi Yalcinkaya and Oz Kanka.

By the way, Budakaltı is owned by a life-long Genclerbirligi supporter who has in the past served on the club's board. In other words, go there and show your support.


  1. Bratt Kanka3:06 pm

    it is a great restaurant!
    i remember the souffle was amazing...
    Love the picture :)

  2. Very interesting information from a woman (of course !!). However, Oz Kanka and Eski Kanka were not too interested in the food that night !!!

    By the way, a plea to Maniac Kanka Harun......

    Please forgive me for being photographed with 3 Gencler fanatiks ...... pleeeeezzzzz !!!

  3. Thank you guys,
    thank you Eski Kanka & Oz Kanka, you built up a great forum for football lovers abroad! Please stay always near to our beloved Gencler and our accepted Ankaragücü ;) .... and more than critical to Göcek...spit...spor!!
    I'll watch your blog every sunday after the superlig matches, hope to see you soon! All the best, your Lanky Kanka

  4. Best wishes, Lanky! I hardly knew ye...

  5. Of course you hardly knew him Nathan! Lanky Kanka hates Fenerbahce almost as much as he hates Ankaraspor. Pretty much the same as me really.

  6. By the way, the name of the Budakalti Restaurant owner is Ertugrul Derer.

    He told me that he likes ANKARAGUCU and their supporters, so perhaps I will return and taste the souffle which Bratt Kankie recommended !!!

  7. good luck lankykanka.hope to see u again in turkey.very nice to meet you
    all the best from maniackanka harun

  8. Oz, you didn't need to turn this into a hate-filled tirade...:)

  9. Me, hateful, never. Although I do think the heat here in Ankara may be boiling my brain.

  10. zagreb kankie9:42 pm

    Hi long time no see. How are you my Kankas? I am just reading all of the articls and what was happening there. Great photo!¨

    Love Ya-
    Croatian Kankie Tatjana

  11. Hi there Zagreb Kankie and welcome back to our Blog.

    Oz Kanka and I didn't forget you and were wondering what had happened to you.

    Look forward to hearing more from you and your regular weather reports from beautiful Croatia !!!

    We are in the middle of a heatwave in Ankara ..... phew !