Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ankaragucu financial crisis continues !

Photo courtesy of Belicikhaber

President Atilla Suslu today held a press conference to discuss the financial crisis at the club. Thanks to Damon who translated the points raised by our President.

* Has asked for another 15 days to pay the bank money owed for the Roman Bednar loan deal from West Brom. Failing this the club will receive a 6 point penalty deduction.

* Has claimed that former staff like Hakan Kutlu and Nazmi Bonhoff aren't helping the club in their efforts to lift the transfer ban as they are asking to be paid the money they are owed.

* Hikmet Hancioglu is now owed money due to his dismissal from the club

* Will remove Cemal Aydin as honorary president of the club

* Wants Cemal Aydin to resign from club and allow Ahmet Gokcek to return if he wishes

* The club cant get sponsorship due to businessmen not wanting to be associated with a losing club

* Has opened up membership for everyone at 1050 Turkish Lira, but it will be closed at end of December so is urging everyone to join now

* Debts for players wages such as Umit Kurt, Bilal Gulden and Gokhan Akkan still to be paid

Some interesting points brought up, the biggest one for me is removing Cemal Aydin from the club. As Damon mentioned on facebook tonight, how can you trust these men with your money otherwise we would all become members ?

Thanks to Klasspor for the above news


  1. The debts keep on mounting up. Sorry to say that I've lost sight of that light at the end of the tunnel which was a glimmer a few weeks ago !!!

  2. well we can tick one of those worries off the list for the time being. The club have somehow come up with the money for the latest instalment for the Roman Bednar money. So the 6 point deduction is on hold

  3. Thankful for even small favors at this point.