Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Umit Kurt and Timur Ozgoz latest !

Ankaragucu president Atilla Suslu spoke last night about the future of the club, its players and the upcoming congress. According to Klasspor, Suslu confirmed that the congress has been moved to January as they continue to search for a strong management. Suslu said Ankaragucu have had many problems in the past and it is important they find the right management otherwise he will stay on.

In regards to the current squad, Ankaragucu are hoping to keep all their players, but Umit Kurt has serious offers from 3 Super Lig sides. Umit has been a stand out player this season and a move to the Super Lig would be well deserved. If Ankaragucu do lose Umit it would be a huge blow in the battle against relegation.

Timur Ozgoz has been offered a new 1 year contract as his current contract finishes in May, Suslu claimed talks were positive and he is hoping the German striker will sign the deal on the table. Ankaragucu have also come to an agreement with Bochum which will see the club pay back the Stanislav Sestak transfer fee in instalments, the German side in return have agreed to wave 1 Million Euros from the 2.6 Million Euro fee.

Lets hope Ankaragucu can hang on to both Timur and Umit until the end of the season as both have been big performers for the club this season.


  1. Let's not hold our breath on this one guys. We've been there many times in recent years when management buckle when they sniff the dosh !

    Of course, we can dream of going into the 2nd half of the league with our team intact, but unfortunately for me it will only be a dream !!

  2. I think Umit will leave Jim, the way Atilla spoke sounded like we cant keep him, he said something along the lines of the Supporters will understand if Umit leaves for the Super Lig