Monday, December 24, 2012

Yet another draw for Genclerbirligi

Genclerbirligi close out the first half of the season with another boring 0-0 draw. Sums up the season really.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 0 Bursaspor

Christmas shopping put paid to any chances of me getting down to the pub to watch this one so instead I managed to get a tiny bit on the radio.

Seemed as though I didn't miss much though.

Just reading the minute-by-minute report by Milliyet gives you an idea of how exciting the match must have been... it doesn't bother with any entries at all after 69 minutes.

I guess the reporter fell asleep. Or perhaps he died a horrible death? There was after all a small fire in the press box caused by someone trying to liven things up a dropped cigarette.

Anyway it seems as if both teams had a couple of chances with Bursa probably the most annoyed at not winning. And er... that's it.

Happy Christmas everyone and see you after the winter break (which I think is four weeks).

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