Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ankaragucu vs Eyupspor match preview !

Ankaragucu travel to Istanbul at the weekend for the match against Eyupspor. Both sides lost their first game of the season and will be looking to get off the mark. Eyupspor lost 2-0 at Altay while Ankaragucu lost 1-0 at home against Istanbul Gungorenspor.

Last weeks defeat at home against Gungoren was a disappointing result and Ankaragucu know they cant afford to lose ground on the top sides early on. The club will be hoping that they can call upon the new signings who missed out last week due to fitness, and also Emre, Gokhan and Hasan return from International duty.

Eyupspor are considered to be one of the weaker teams in the league which adds to the pressure on Ankaragucu to take the 3 points. They do however have experienced strikers Ersen Martin and Ahmet Dursun who they can call upon.

Ankaragucu have been given 750 tickets for the match in a stadium that holds just over 2000, the large Ankaragucu following could play a huge part in bringing the 3 points back to the Capital. Its difficult to pick the team for the weekend with so many players back and question marks over who will be fit enough to play.

If fit id go with : Gokhan, Orhan, Gurkan, Aydin, Emre, Mert, Serhat, Mehmet, Kaan, Selim, Umut

Mehmet Tasci has been called up to the Turkish U23 squad which means he is set to miss the weekends match. My prediction this week is a 2-0 win for Ankaragucu !


  1. im with you nadeem...the fact that we have 750 fans (im assuming they will all be taken) will be a massive factor and may be that extra push to get the result !! 3 points to AG :)

  2. I'm with you two too !!!

    I sense an emphatic win for Ankaragucu now that the team have dipped their feet into the water of Divsion 2.

    However, a 1-0 win will be enough to give the team confidence for the upcoming weeks and that is important, especially for the young guns in the team.

    Let's do it !

  3. As long as its 3 points to Ankaragucu ill take any result. Fans need to visit Istanbul and behave themselves too

  4. Yes, good point Nadeem. Hopefully the fans will remember our President's words of wisdom about behaviour. The last thing we need is another batch of stadium bans. 10 months has been a punishment too far !!!

    Let's hope Aydin is at the back tomorrow to steady the defence and Cakir in midfield to control the midfield and supply the ammunition for our strikers.

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