Sunday, September 08, 2013

Ankaragucu 0-1 Istanbul Gungorenspor Full Time

1508: Just under 1 hour until kick off at the 19 Mayis stadium in Ankara as Ankaragucu host Istanbul Gungorenspor. Although the game is being played behind closed doors due to a stadium ban for Ankaragucu, thousands of fans have turned up to welcome the team.

Team Line up just confirmed by Ankaragucu coach Cengiz Paca:

Bayram Olgun

Orhan Evci
Aytac Oden
Gurkan Alver
Mehmet Tasci

Kaan Kanak
Mert Erdogan
Serhat Gulpinar
Harun Aydin
Gokhan Erdogan

Umut Nayir


Cihan Bal
Metin Aydin
Mert Pamukkaya
Selim Teber
Artun Kutukcu
Eren Turan
Onur Atasayar

Coach - Hayati Soldas

So only Serhat Gulpinar makes the starting line up of the new signings and Selim Teber makes the bench. Hasan Ayaroglu, Emre Tasdemir and Gokhan Akkan are all away on international duty, whilst Serkan Sirin and Teoman Erkan are suspended.

A difficult opening game for Ankaragucu but they have enough quality to win this match. Kick off in 53 minutes.

1551: Just under 8 minutes until kick off as the teams enter the pitch. Ankaragucu wearing the new home kit which can now be purchased at the club shop.

1600: And we are underway the 2013/14 Season for Ankaragucu has kicked off, lets hope at the end of 90 minutes we are celebrating the 3 points.

1607: Seven minutes in and it looks like Ankaragucu are playing a 4-2-3-1 formation. Mert has went closest with a shot just over the bar.

1609 - Through ball into the path of Umut Nayir who just as he went to shot the defender got back to block for a corner.

1611 - Shot from Kaan Kanak but well saved by the goalkeeper.

1615 - Gokhan through 1 on 1 with the Keeper but another good save. Need to take our chances.

1626 - Im following the updates on twitter and it seems like Gungoren have had a goal chopped off by the referee.

1629 - Serhat comes forward with the ball and finds Orhan who takes too long to get the shot away allowing the defender to clear for a corner.

1637 - Harun Aydin is yellow carder for Ankaragucu, Abdi Aktas also booked for Gungoren. The Gungoren goal was chopped off for offside.

1645 - Half Time Ankaragucu 0-0 Gungorenspor. Tight game and could go any way. Ankaragucu need to take their chances in the second half.

1700: Second half just about to get underway. Come on AG lets win this !!!!

1702 - Kaan free kick but goes over the bar from distance.

1709 - Gurkan shoots from just outside the box but he watches as the ball goes wide of the post.

1711 - Ankaragucu so close to taking the lead as Serhat watches his header come back off the cross bar. Ankaragucu getting closer !!!

1720 - Mehmet Tasci shown the yellow card.

1721 - Selim Teber comes on to make his debut in place of Captain Mert Erdogan.

1732 - Nice play from Kaan who breaks forward but his shot goes wide of the post. Ankaragucu players don't seem to have their shooting boots on today.

1735 - 1-0 to the Visitors as Mehmet Sen gives them the lead.

1740 - Double change for Ankaragucu as Mert Pamukkaya and Onur Atasayar replace Harun Aydin and Aytac Oden.

1745 - End of normal time, Ankaragucu have 5 minutes of injury time to get the equaliser.

Full Time : Ankaragucu start the season with a disappointing 1-0 home defeat against Istanbul Gungorenspor. Ankaragucu had plenty of chances but like last season they didn't take their chances and couldn't find that goal. Next up is a trip to Istanbul next week as they take on Eyupsor who also lost 2-0 at Altay.

Hayati Soldas the new coach is already receiving criticism on Twitter with fans calling for his resignation. Crazy but this is the pressure of being coach of Ankaragucu. Its ok going through pre season undefeated, but loosing your first competitive game at home is a not the start you want.


  1. I'm back from doing my 'fatherly duties' !

    Well, we all know that there are no 'mugs' in this league and Gungoren will not be coming to Ankara like lambs to the slaughter.

    I'm sure the Ankaragucu Coach has instilled patience into the team and hopefully the break-through will come before half time.

  2. Its not going to be easy Jim. As you say their are no mugs in this league. Its a young Ankaragucu team today with 11 players out injured, on international duty or not match fit.

  3. Would love to see how they are playing.

  4. Me to damon, Its hard doing updates when you are relying on Twitter, Facebook, Klasspor, Sporanki and Fanatik which are all in Turkish and you cant see whats going on.

  5. I noticed that Altay beat next week's opponents, Eyup, yesterday.

    Cider Kanka John mentioned that he might be going to Istanbul to see that match and visit some friends.

    If he does manage to go, then it will be a big bonus to have his report of a 'live' match. How long has it been since we were able to do that ??!!

  6. Impressive feat, Nadeem. We are lucky to have you and your intelligence gathering capabilities.

  7. Would be great if he could do that or at least the match report. P.S Ankaragucu going close to scoring there

  8. Thanks Damon

    Happy to keep everyone updated :-)

  9. C'mon Annnnkaaaaaarrrrraaaaagoooojoooooo !!!!

  10. typical Ankaragucu :-(

  11. Shitty effin death ....... let's have the equaliser .... pleeeeeezzzzz !

  12. Full time and a typical performance from Ankaragucu, cant score and cant keep a clean sheet.

  13. My message is ...........

    keep calm and wait for the new signing to influence the team in the next few weeks.

    There is a long road to travel before next May !!!

  14. We need to do better than that...much better than that.

  15. I agree. We should have done better but missing from the team today was - Gokhan Akkan, Hasan Ayaroglu, Emre Tasdemir, Volkan Geyik, Serkan Sirin, Teoman Erkan, Mehmet Cakir, Aydin Toscali, Ibrahim Sahin, Levant Kale, Veli Torun and Bilal Gundogdu

  16. Nadeem thanks so much for the updates mate...Honestly I and IM sure the rest of the kankas appreciate it its brilliant ! :) so thank you...I think this team was in the ptt lig 2 seasons ago so they do have some quality...loooong way to go though ! plus its hard especially because we bought so many players at the last minute and it will take time (regardless of ability) for the to gel !!

  17. No probs Ante your welcome mate, it will be like this for the first few games and then Jim and Damon can do the reports as they will be at the games once the stadium ban is up.

    We just dont want to lose to much momentum on the top teams at this stage Ante. We need our big players back asap

  18. Yes. Ante is right. We need time in this new division to settle, and as he says, for the team to gel.

    As I said before, we need to be patient !

    When Aydin is ready to take his place in the team as Captain we will see a different team motivated by an experienced player. Also, all the others who Nadeem mentioned were absent today for various reasons.

    The best is yet to come ...... let's be optimistic about it !

  19. Poor, disappointing result, but it's early doors yet!

    Thanks for the report.

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