Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ankaragucu vs Sariyer match preview !

Ankaragucu will be looking to improve on last weeks performance at home against Inegolspor with the 3 points at Sariyer. The team travel to Istanbul for Sundays match against newly promoted Sariyer in which should be a comfortable win for Ankaragucu. However we have all too often saw that there are no straight forward games with Ankaragucu.

Last Sundays match with Inegolspor should have been a full stadium with the fans cheering the team off the pitch at the end of 90 minutes, instead it was half full and things turned ugly with the fan groups protesting against the management. After the match president Mehmet Yiginer spoke of his disappointment at Sol kapali who he claimed had asked for ticket prices to go up in order to help the club.

Sol Kapali denied this was the case with fans claiming management have put the ticket prices up in Sol Kapali in order to keep them away from the stadium.

There wasnt much to cheer about during the game either as both teams huffed their way to a 0-0 draw. Ankaragucu had goalkeeper Gokhan Akkan to thank after he saved a second half penalty.

Since Muammer Ozdemir has taken over he has improved the defence which was so often the cause of dropped points in the last couple of seasons. He has reunited Volkan Geyik and Gurkan Alver who have formed a good partnership since youth level. Both Aytac and Mehmet are solid defenders who wont cause their opponents mutch concern going forward.

If Ankaragucu are to mount a title or playoff challenge this season they must address the lack of goals and chances created from the midfield and attack. Losing Emre Tasdemir and Mehmet Cakir has been a big blow for the team and with Hasan Ayaroglu out injured it leaves only Umut Nayir and Levent Kale in attack.

The coach has already said Levent Kale isnt ready to start a game which leaves me asking why Emir Ozbey has been left out the squad? The young  striker was in fine form during pre season but hasnt even made the bench in the opening 2 games.

Sariyer have the potential to cause Ankaragucu problems, they have former Ankaragucu duo Muhammed Turkmen and Serhat Aykuz in their squad. They also have former Diyarbakir BB forward Mert Somay who will need to be watched.

The game kicks off at 5pm on Sunday and we will have live updates on our facebook page so tune in. Im off to catch my flight back home to Glasgow after another great holiday in Turkey. :-)


  1. Happy landings back in Weegieland Nadeem !

    Yes, you're right. Too often we have under-estimated the opposition last season, but hopefully we have learned our lesson. Perhaps Muammer Bey has learned that Umut as the Lone Ranger can't perform miracles and he'll play TWO up front to get the vital goals ?!

    For Burra Kanka ...... we are watching Middlesbrough and notice that they are in their accustomed mid-table position. Let's see them and Ankaragucu put a string of wins together !!!

    For Dublin Neil ....... good luck and success to ex-Hibs Manager, Paddy Fenlon, on his return to Shamrock Rovers. I'm sure he'll take them to the League Title.

  2. Let's hope so Jim. It doesn't take long to shed any pre-season optimism it seems.

  3. I see that Ankaragucu fans are banned from attending the match. It seems that even though there has been no official decision, clear process or anything resembling justice, Ankaragucu fans must be punished.... just in case.

  4. Hmmm ........ you are probably right Chris, but my money is on the fact that Nadeem probably wrote to the TFF and asked them to take this action so that he can ensure there will be no 'official' Stadium Bans leading up to his visit in February ho ho ho !!!!

  5. cant believe the fans have been banned, it must be due to the game being in Istanbul, the Turkish FA are one of the worst footballing bodies in football

  6. Diabolical decision. Does Turkey not have an equivalent of the Football Supporters Federation?
    You need someone to fight your corner it seems.
    Come on Ankara!

  7. It was the Sariyer council who banned our fans saying it would be dangerous with no other explanation given, we should do the same to them for the return game

  8. Sariyer is famous for its borek and fish restaurants. I'm sure the shopkeepers will be none too pleased. That borek shop in particular would have done a roaring trade. I've been in it and it's ....... yummmmy !

  9. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Jim you should come to İstanbul for the match.
    The Gate officers don't ask to you whether you support AG or not.
    Easy access and good location for weekend .
    Match + fish + beer and Borek for return..Volkan

  10. Jim is a big pussycat lol

  11. Purrrrrr ............ meowwwwww !!!!!