Monday, September 15, 2014

Gencler window shop for coach

Genclerbirligi's next coach, the sixth in four years, may be Sergen Yalcin, according to media reports. 

Club owner Ilhan Cavcav (78 and running the club since 1977) has invited Yalcin to Ankara for talks after Ersun Yanal rejected an offer to return to the club he left in 2004. 

Sergen, best known for being the first of only two players to have worked for all of the four "big clubs", was most recently trainer at Gaziantep. He also does a lot of TV commentary and has an unhealthy friendship with TV presenter and reality-show millionaire Acun Ilicali. 

All this talk of (by our standards) famous coaches may well prove to be hot air. Past experience suggests Cavcav will flirt with a number of high-profile candidates before settling on someone cheaper and more malleable. Lurking in the background of many of the media reports is the name of Irfan Buz, who worked as a deputy to Christoph Daum at Bursaspor.

Meanwhile, former coach Mustafa Kaplan, fired after two games in charge, is also sticking to the script for times like these. He's "not angry with anyone," according to the same Turkish reports. "I love the chairman and this community.

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  1. Great to see you here Spine. We need more professional journalists like YOU to join the fray !!

    God help Gencler if Yalcin joins the Club. I would call him the Graham Souness or the Roy Keane of Turkey. An absolute unfriendly and unlikeable person. As for his football skills ........ check on how many red and yellow cards he picked up in his football career !!!

    footnote ..... please don't poach Alan Stubbs !!!!