Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Genclerbirligi to win the league at this this rate

If we keep playing as badly as this, we could well win the league!

Genclerbirligi 3 - 1 Balikesirspor

Cold and wet and miserable and just generally all round rubbish. Just Flying Dutchman and myself down at the Beer Bus for pre-match beers. Flying Dutchman is a good Gencler fan but even he admitted he had come down to Kizilay escape the wife. Spine was a conspicuous non-show. Of course, nothing to do with the fact he was at the German Embassy Oktoberfest the night before.

The first protest I encountered on Sunday was by a feminist
collective against the state's alleged aiding of ISIS.    

A few Alkaralar joined us at the pub and about 500 Gencler supporters were at the match, about 10 times less than what we should have had (thanks Passolig)

Match kicks off!

Stancu almost scores a minute in off a corner. His angle was a bit wrong though and the ball came off the post.

And then... boring. Talk about slow. This was slower than a snail on valium.

About the half hour mark and we finally had a nice play. Guido in on the left got the shortish cross in to Berat who tapped it in.

That was about it for the rest of the half. Even though we were 1-0 up it still seemed bad.
Then I bumped into the hunters protesting against having to pay
to shoot things. Not too many feminists at this one.

Balikesir started to get a few chances and should have gone ahead a couple of times and finally they got one back from a corner. Gosso was clearly at fault.

We were still playing like rubbish when Gosso got onto the end of a brilliant pass from Nizamettin. He passed it back and Berat got his second. An excellent goal, thoroughly undeserved.

Then came a third a little while later... Ugur Cifti got it. Can't remember how. It was good though... I think.

All I can say is that this was a bad, bad match. That's two weeks in a row we have played like crap but still got the three points.



  1. Reads like an Ankaragucu report except for the missing goals and the THREE points !!!

    Sorry to say it's not Gencler to win the league. I'm putting all I've got on Akhisar ho ho ho ha ha ha !!!!

  2. Hahaha that's so true jim