Friday, September 26, 2014

Genclerbirligi v Balikesirspor match preview ... er... sort of

Genclerbirligi press spokesman Hakan Kaynar on Friday put the pressure on Alper Ulusoy, the newbie referee for Sunday's match, saying he hoped the refereeing mistakes Gencler suffered from last season won't be repeated in the match against Balikesirspor.

"I wish him well," Kaynar said of Ulusoy who will be making his Super Dooper Lig debut on Sunday. "He won't forget this match. Hopefully we will," Kaynar said, hopefully referring to the refs performance and not our team's.

"We can't get out of our heads the referee mistakes made last year, just can't - the comedic penalties, five minutes to take a corner, the unfathomable cards..."
Can't get you outta my head, said Kaynar.

After wishing Ulusoy the best of luck Kaynar went on to lament the new ticketing system that was supposed to lead to safer stadiums, but instead has just emptied them.  

"If you say that it is now safer to go to a match then the stands for a match during the day should be full of children,"  Kaynar said.

"We played two seasons with almost full stands," exaggerated Kaynar. "Problems with the ticketing company and problems with the promotion of football matches have deprived us of enthusiasm (from the fans) that is essential (for the team). For example, the role played by our fans in our victory over Trabzon last season was huge," said the spokesman referring to last year's brilliant match where we came from two-nil behind to win three-two.

"This lack of enthusiasm (at matches) is a disadvantage for all teams," he said.

Kaynar also talked a little about stuff on the field but you could have cut and pasted that from any press spokesman's pre-match presser in the past 20 years.


  1. He is 100% spot on in regards to passolig, only thick idiots and corrupt idiots would disagree.

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