Monday, August 14, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Unfortunately this will be another `downbeat` report from Ankara after last night's match which ended.......

ANKARAGUCU 1 Ankaraspor 1

As Viking Kanka commented last night towards the end of the match......... `I'm afraid this is going to be a long hard season for ANKARAGUCU` !

However, it was not all doom and gloom. First up, we all met at our usual venue The Chopin for `refreshments` and were surprised with a visit from a new Kankie. The lovely ManYoo Kankie Jessica arrived with her friend Brummy Kankie for her first match in Turkey. As you can guess from her name, she has been to Old Trafford and supports Manchester's 2nd team !!

We also had another surprise visitor when Gokhan (one of my student's) turned up. He had never been to The Stadium before because he was too frightened to go and so asked if I could take him !!! Is that fame or is that fame ???

So, with the above mentioned 4, Oz Kanka, Finlandia Kanka and I trooped off to the Stadium full of high hopes.

As usual, there was plenty of noise in Gecikondu, Maraton and Kapali and the game started at a fast pace with honours just about even. Ankaragucu were doing most of the attacking but the final pass was usually astray as frustration started to creep into the play. The Ankaraspor defence were their usual rock solid selves and were dealing comfortably with all the high balls that came their way meant for Bebbe.

There was only one chance which came Bebbe's way when he turned quickly on a through ball and shot narrowly past the post. Ankaragucu were continuing to press forward and it was from one of their attacks that the tide turned. Commiting too many players forward for an attack, Ankaraspor broke forward at speed which is one of their hallmarks. Jaba (the fastest and most impressive player on view) sent a penetrating pass to Devran who picked up the pass with ease and beat the exposed Ankaragucu goalkeeper Orkun.

Into the 2nd half and Ankaraspor were now taking control of the game. Ankaragucu were continuing to use the same tactics as last season. Hoofing the ball up to Bebbe (the new Lone Ranger) who was dwarfed by the Ankaraspor defenders.

Then, against the run of play Ankaragucu scored a scrappy and controversial goal which sent all the fans singing and cheering (including yours truly !). The Ankaraspor players argued that the ball hadn't crossed the goal line, but the far side linesman gave the goal.

That was the last real chance for Ankaragucu because in the last 10 minutes it was all Ankaraspor with Ankaragucu holding on grimly for a draw. Two good chances went a begging for Ankaraspor with one going narrowly over the crossbar and another chance coming off a goalpost.

A have to admit that the final whistle came as a relief !!

Yes, I think Viking Kanka may have a point, but surely our Aussie coach knows only too well that Bebbe needs support up front ??!! Ceyhun was a disappointment. He is obviously supposed to support Bebbe but on that count he failed. He was also not firing on all cylinders with his dead ball kicks, most of which sailed over the bar !

For Miss Zagreb Kankie........ Srebrenko had a quiet match. Yes, he has good ball skills and control, but I think he is lacking match fitness. Perhaps the best is yet to come ?!

Much improvement is necessary for next week's match away to Kayseri me thinks !!

That's all for now folks. Look forward to giving more upbeat reports in the future.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I see today that Ankaraspor are trying to get the match cancelled due to a refereeing error. Apparently the ref blew his whistle before the goal was scored (or something like that).

    Well done Sir Eski Kanka on such a quick write up but you did get one thing wrong, you left out the "Dr." before Man Yoo Kanka's name

  2. zagreb kankie8:56 pm

    Hmmmmm not good. :-( I am sorry that my Croatian didn't show his best. Maybe he will be better in future.

    Hugs from Zagreb Kankie

  3. Ooooops ......tilt...... sorry !

    Yes, apologies for omitting the Doctor bit from the name. Henceforth, she will be called `Doctor ManYoo Kankie` !!!

    I deserve a good spanking for that mistake !!!

  4. And me too... wouldn't suppose there was anything amiss with a Croatian playing a bit undr par eh?

    We in Ankara are looking forward to a much better season than last year, obviously ignoring the luck three points Fener got against the run of play in all instances. Not that I reallly enjoy it, but to correct my good mate Oz (but he actually didn't really remember, so to make sure this blog stays true to the facts), Rustu was actually moving to his right when he had to immediately reverse (i.e for those of you not tuned into the finer points, jump up off his feet and immediately stop his momentum and splay horizontally in the opposite direction of travel...Are ya gittin' da picture?) and cover his left side with a left one-handed palm, thus making a fantastic diving save. So, the way I see it: Fener keepers 2 saves, Gencer keeper zero.

  5. I have always been amazed by Smart Arse Yankee Kanka's vocabulary and his fine turn of phrase !

    Perhaps he (and I) have lingering thoughts of one day taking up the pen and becoming journalists ???

    Thought for the day....... is the pen mightier than the spanner ??

    By the way Oz Kanka, I think Ankaraspor have as much chance of getting a replay as ANKARAGUCU have of winning the league !!!

  6. I would say that Ankaragucu fell about like a load of girls, but girls are a lot tougher... I think I'll stick with Gencler!

  7. Better than the Ankara Cup. I wonder if the fans will stay in the stadium for the whole match next week. Mid-table will do. I'm living on Anfield road now by the way. 1 minute from Liverpool's stadium. But I'd rather watch Gucu.

  8. I wonder if we will see The Battle of Kayseri Mark II next weekend ?

    In my opinion, the chances are slim in view of the absence of Kircaldy Kanka and Battle Hardened Kanka !!!

    That reminds me......... where are all the Bilkent Yanks who famously wore the ANKARAGUCU colours with pride last season ?? Look forward to seeing you all soon !!