Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"No mercy" say the Kankas

It has taken me forever but I've finally decided to wrap up the latest poll.

The question was:
If (the scandal allegations are) proven should Denizlispor be relegated?
1. Yes, cheating must be punished: 18 votes
2. No, Denizlispor aren't the only ones doing it: 4 votes

Pretty clear that quite a few people who read this blog would like to join the ranks of the Turkish judiciary. It appears though that the investigations are going nowhere. Let's see.

For our new poll I thought I'd dwell on something that seems to divide fans at all clubs.

Is it right for fans to call for the management's resignation during matches?


Get voting!


  1. For example, if ANKARAGUCU supporters spent more time supporting and goading their team into action (as I do !!) and less time worrying about Club politics then so much the better.

    Cemal Aydin is here to stay - accept it !!!

  2. If that's how you feel Sir Eski Kanka then vote in the poll. At the moment it is 6 votes to 0.

  3. As I told you last Tuesday Chris, I can't vote anymore because it doesn't show up when I go into the blog.

    As blog technician, I task you to solve the problem !!!