Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who are we

This is a short introduction to the blog for Turkish journalists who wish to write about us or for those just curious as to who we are.

1. We are a group of football supporters who come from many countries: Turkey, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, the United States, France, Denmark, Finland and a few others.

2. We are split with some us supporting Ankaragucu and some of us supporting Genclerbirligi. None of us support Ankaraspor.

3. The correct technical term for this site is a "blog". If you plan on writing about us please use the name of the blog "The round ball in Ankara" and also please give our url

4. We try to go to as many matches as we can but obviously we do not go to all matches. At times we have had groups of more than 30 people going to a match, sometimes it is just one or two people.

5. We are not all English!!!!

If you would like to contact us then please do so via our contact form.


  1. Should I put anything else here?

  2. well at least you have sort of made it to the big time!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:53 am

    Hey this Croatian supporter is me :-)
    Hugs from your blondie Zagreb Kankie

  4. Aren't you all honoured to be seen as English?! Surely that must be one of the most flattering mistakes someone can make...? :-)

  5. I'm tempted to pour some (not all) of my EFES over Brummy Kankie's heid when I see her !

    Sir William Wallace will turn in his grave if he thought any Scotsman would accept being called Ingallish !!!!

    Hoots mon.... I might even wear my kilt on Sunday and bring my claymore !!!

    All the best from Patriotic Scottish Eski Kanka

  6. The English have given us all many good things... football, cricket, English breakfasts and er... that's all I can think of at the moment.

  7. how about head of state, rugby, head of state...convicts....

  8. Oh yes.......and don't forget they invented football hooliganism !!!!

  9. *wipes tear away from eye*

    So many things to be proud of...

  10. Oh yes, and don't forget they oppressed the Scottish people for over 500 years before they ran out of Kings and had to come begging us for one of ours !!!!

  11. i'm 23 years ankaragücü fan,i saw this blog a few months ago but i was supposing that the blog belonging to some turkish fans.i recognized you are group of europeans who live in ankara and supports ankara teams,today.sorry for this.i saw ozkankas posts on tribündergi.i want to see your articles on tribündergi.i love you guys and ladies, see you in gecekondu, i will follow your articles.regards!

  12. 26 September 2009.

    Welcome to our blog Costacurta Kanka. We are always happy to make contact with fellow Ankaragucu and Gencler fanatiks !

    We usually meet in The Chopin Bar on Sakarya Cadd a few hours before matches and then we go to Maraton and are usually in the area of Gate 7 and 8. Lots of Anti-X guys near us too !

    For the record, we always admire the loyalty of you guys in Gecikondu and your singing and dancing is something that you won't find in any footie stadium in the world. Keep it up because your support is important for the players and can be worth a goal for most matches !

    Look forward to meeting you sometime this season. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  13. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I notice the league table shows us Fener's leadership... Did you leave it out of date on purpose?

  14. ozgur bener...

    hi you are the nice and smiling face of foatball..
    sharing ankara with you is really glad for us..
    glad you exist...

  15. Hi guys. I am a season ticket holder with St Mirren. How is Billy Mehmet doing these days?
    ..and by the way, Scotland invented football not England ....

  16. Hey Sonny. Thanks for contacting us.

    I agree with your comments about Scotland inventing footie. After all, we invented most of the useful things which are in use in the world today !

    I'm a Hibbie (no comments please !!!), but my nephew is a Buddie. He lives in Inchinnan and is a regular at the New St Mirren Stadium.

    However, to answer your question ..... I'm the Ankaragucu connection with this Blog and Chris is the Genclerbirligi connection. So, I think it's best that he answers your question.

    What I have noticed though is that Billy Boy hasn't 'started' too many matches this season. He has mainly been used as a sub. Also, he hasn't scored too many goals !!

    Good luck to the Buddies this season. Hope The Hammies go down and not the Buddies !!!

  17. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the response. The Hibbies are ok - you are not the OF! In fact I have a soft spot for them. I now live in Ayrshire and Rugby Park is close but I travel into Paisley for all the home games and go to the local away games (except the Bigot Brothers).

    Billy wasn't a great goalscorer for us either but he had a phenomenal work-rate and held a ball up well bringing others into play. He needs a natural goal scorer with him as his goal return is poor but was a good asset to our team although he did get a lot of stick for not scoring enough. He is still a favourite of mine and I would take him back in a minute.

    What about Stewart the jam tart - is he getting a game?

    And yea, the Hammies will go down and we will press on next season after the upheavals of this season.

    Take care out there!


    PS we have a second away strip this season as we clash with Kilmarnock and its the same strip as Genclerbirligi - strange to see St Mirren in red and black stripes.

  18. Well thanks for having a good word about the Hibees Sonny, and thanks for NOT mentioning that Stewart the Jambo also played for Hibs !!!

    Michael Stewart has been out injured for most of the season, along with lots of the Gencler squad. However, I'm not sure what the problem is with him. Chris, can you help there ?

    Wow, The Buddies wearing Red/Black ? That's a good yin. I also had a shock a few weeks back when Ankaragucu was playing Buca in Izmir and came out wearing Red. I think that was a first, and I hope ..... last !!

    All the best from Jim

  19. Sonny4:07 pm

    Hi Jim!
    Happy New Year.
    Lang may yer lum reek!
    What was the story behind Billy Memhet moving on? Was he not good enough or cost-costing or a fall-out?
    We had a poor game against Peterhead in the cup on Saturday. They are second division part-time and parked the bus in front of their goals. In spite of 17 attempts we couldnt net with any of them so its up to the Baltic North East for the replay (not that I will be going after Saturdays's dismal performance.) Onwards and upwards. Hope the sun is still shing where you are!


  20. Heeelow again Sonny and good to hear from ye.

    As you may have seen from recent comments on the blog, Stewart has done 'a runner' back tae Scotland. Hope Hibs dinny sign him again !!!

    He said it was about money, but who really knows. Anyway, he only played one match for Gencler at the beginning of the season and has been injured ever since.

    As for Billy Boy, I think the Club ran out of patience with his lack of goals, but I'm not sure of the 'inside' story.

    Aye, a couple of shocks in Paisley and Easter Road last w'end. Hopefully, we will both do the biz in the replays.

    I'll be back in Edi and North Berwick from 30 Jan to 12 Feb and have planned on seeing the 5th Round match, but ..... we gotta win that friggin replay !!!

    I'll also be at the Hibs v Saints match at Easter Road on Wed 2 Feb. Any chance of coming through for that one ? If so, let me know and I'll meet you in Middleton's Bar on Easter Road, but ..... dinny wear black and white !!!

    A guid Nerday tae you tae. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim