Monday, August 28, 2006

Help needed in naming a new Kanka

Over the weekend we welcomed a new Kanka, Stein, to the world of Ankara football. Our Norwegian friend hadn't even been to a match but had already bought himself a season ticket for Genclerbirligi.

A connaisseur of the amber nectar, a devoted fan of the round ball and in Ankara for at least three years I guess we will be seeing Stein quite a bit down at the Chopin and then on the terraces.

The problem is we couldn't figure out a Kanka name for him. I'll list a few of the suggestions that were made and would ask you all to comment. As always, the final decision in this democracy will be made by Sir Eski Kanka and myself but we would appreciate your feedback (a bit like leaving comments on the Saudi Arabian government's website).

So here are some of the suggestions:

Lemming Kanka (for some reason we thought the lemming was the national animal of Norway)
Whale-eating Kanka (Stein enjoys nothing more than a good whale-meat sandwich)
Asker Kanka (Stein's birthplace was could Asker, this one may cause confusion in Turkey)
Bald Kanka (an accurate description of Stein's hirsuteness)
Italian Kanka (he has an Italian wife)

There were some others but I can't remember them. Can anyone else who was there help.

EDIT: Oooops. Looks like I spelt our Norwegian friend's name wrong throughout the post. It should be Stian, not Stein. Stupid me.


  1. Not having had the pleasure of meeting Stein yet, it is difficult to find a name. However, I have 2 suggestions -

    Jock Kanka - named after the late great Jock Stein of Hibs, Celtic and Scotland. The only problem being that Stein might be labelled as Scottish. However, as we are neighbours, that shouldn't be a problem !!

    Fjord Kanka - named after one of the most beautiful features of Norway.

    Comments awaited with interest !!

    PS.... Hope Stein can make it to an ANKARAGUCU match one of these days and support `the other` Ankara team !!!

  2. Stian (Kanka to be)2:33 pm

    Hi all of you,

    Yes indeed Stian is my name, possibly making Jock a less suitable alternative. Blubber (from whale) Kanka, was another alternative that I not necessarily find that flattering.I would also like to voice strong a strong dislike for the Lemming version, not ever having seen one in Norway.

    Asker is indeed my hometown, and Materazzi is my favourite football flavour at the moment (just to spite an organisation I have serious issues with). Fjord is also nice, but as we are the third largest exporter of oil globally, Oil Kanka (or even Kanka Oil) would be an option.

    anyway, let's see how democracy works, Ankara-style...

  3. Perhaps instead of Oil Kanka we can go with "Black-stuff Kanka".

  4. I was in Saudi Arabia when the nice Mr S. Hussein set fire to all the oil fields of Kuwait. It was not a pretty sight (or smell) and the wildlife on the Gulf was decimated.

    The black-stuff, or oil, STINKS and I don't think that it would apply to our Kanka ??!!

    I have another suggestion.... oh no, I can hear you say !! We have an OZ Kanka, so why not an OS Kanka in commemoration of Stian's (got the spelling right this time !!) great and famous capital city ???

  5. I do believe 'Moose Kanka' was another suggestion, though I'm not sure that was my favourite!

    It's raining here by the way...

  6. Nordic Kanka perhaps. After all we already have a Viking Kanka and a Finlandia Kanka.

  7. Moose, although a big hairy animal, always reminds me of the Scottish small variety....

    There's a moose loose aboot this hoose !!!

    I'm warming to Nordic Kanka or Fjord Kanka which are most definitely associated with Norway.

    I think we are coming close to decision time ??!!

  8. Hi again,

    Appreciate your interest and creativity. Even if I take issue with the horrid insinuation that my beloved kingdom would be contributing to global warming by making billions of dollars exporting the black gold, I accept your verdict on that suggestion.

    Os Kanka would probably be confusing, Nordic is ok, but Scandi Kanka is even more precise, as it would narrow it down to three(possibly four) countries, and no foreigner can tell Danes, Swedes and Norwegians apart anyway.

    What I don't know though admittedly, is how tainted the term "Scandi" is among the English speaking, possibly referring to drunken Norwegian tourists on Spanish beaches (not that the Brits are much better).

    My preference remains Asker Kanka!


  9. I don't think that we can agree to Asker Kanka, which is more appropriate for yours truly !! Check it out in your Turkish to English dictionary !

    By the way, I can tell the difference between Norwegians, Danes and Swedes. Danes and Swedes wear those funny hats with horns sticking out both sides and Norwegians are sensible and don't wear them !! QED !!

    I'm sticking with Nordic or Scandi or Fjord Kanka. Now waiting for Oz Kanka's thoughts and deliberations. Hopefully it will not take more than a week or two more !!

  10. Scandi Kanka sounds a bit too girly to me. I'm still with Nordic Kanka

  11. Asker Kanka, definitely. No contest...

  12. Hey No Match........... there is only ONE Asker in the Kanka fraternity and that is Moi !!!

    Definitely a NO NO to Asker Kanka - my manly pride is at stake !!!

  13. If you're going to start claiming all the kanka names for yourself Sir Eski then I'll have to start calling you English Rose... It's kind of cute, don't you think?

  14. Thinking about it though, I had an English teacher called Mr. Asker who was very, very keen on the Eurovision Song Contest. Is that you, Stian?

  15. I love Eurovision. We always try and have a party. Perhaps it is because Australia isn't in it.

  16. I hate the Eurovision Song Contest ...... probably because SCOTLAND are not in it. If we played Jimmy Shand or Bobby MacLeod music we would no doubt win the bloody thing !

    Therefore, applying logic, another good reason for not naming Stian .... Asker Kanka !!

    Oh yes, and by the way, Ingallish Rose Kanka ??? Naff Off !!!

  17. Hey Sir Eski, I made no comment about 'manly pride' (snigger) so it could have been worse... I didn't realise you were such a sensitive flower... Are you sure you shouldn't be renamed?

    As to the question at hand: Fjord Kanka sounds like an unreliable car, but it does have a kind of ring to it!

  18. Kahraman1:48 am

    Hey ,
    I dont know if the competition is still open,
    but what about kel kanka? it has a certain ring to it..

    by the way, kel= bald

  19. Stian1:58 pm

    Whatever, let's get this over with before the season ends. I knew democracy wouldn't work. Where's the iron fist? (trying to prove I'm an Asker Kanka)

    Agree that Scandi is girlish, as is Fjord in my opinion. Kel Kanka is fine with me, do not expect to see much of a hairstyle from now to kingdom come. But it has no real link to my origins, except that I was probably born hairless too...

    Still, I prefer Asker Kanka and I have registered one definite vote (no match).

    still Stian

  20. I've got off my original suggestion of Fjord - I agree with Brummie (there is always a first for everything !!!) - it sound like a Russian tank/car.

    I'm warming to Kel Kanka - you know what they say about bald headed men ???!!! Yes, very manly and virile !!!

  21. Viking Kanka Jens4:28 pm

    Although I still believe you should follow your instincts, I see that Lemming Kanka is no longer among the front runners? If that's indeed the case, I would strongly suggest we go back to - almost - where we started and name our new Kanka "Oily Kanka Stian" or as a second best "Scandi Kanka Stian". Over to you Stian...

  22. Viking Kanka reminds me of the way HIBERNIAN played against Odense of The Viking Kingdom..... promising so much, but too little too late !!!

    Please refer to the latest Blog for the `committee` decision !!