Thursday, August 31, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. Week 4 of the League season has come and gone and still no sign of the Bilkent Kankas !!

What happened to Battle Hardened Kanka, Maniac Kanka, et al ? Have you lost the will to support the team in their hour of need ?? Or, are you only going to away matches and throwing bricks and seats at the opposition fans (and Police !!) ??!! Or, did you all emigrate to Liverpool in sympathy with Kirkcaldy Kanka ?

Let's be hearing from you, and more importanly, seeing you all !!!

Next match up is against Denizli (a 6 pointer if ever there was one !!) on 16/17 September and we expect to see you in The Chopin Bar !!!

Be there or be square !!!

All the best from Lonely Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Dear Sir Eski,
    If you read the blog you will have seen I edited your post on upcoming matches to put the actual time and date of Ankaragucu's next match.

    To recap:

    Friday Sept. 15, 8 p.m. kick-off Genclerbirligi versus Manisaspor

    Saturday Sept. 16 8 p.m. kick-off Ankaragucu versus Denizlispor

  2. Dear `Commoner` Oz Kanka, I am overflowing with gratitude !!

    Let's hope the Bilkent Kankas read between the lines !!

  3. The may still be on holiday. Or only just back. Liverpool v Galatasaray in the champions League should be fun. Peter Crouch v Hakan Suker. I gave you a wee dot in Ireland on yer map. You should write an article on South American footballers being worse than African priests or something to get more dots. In Isle of Lewis now. Too small to register a dot. You shold visit Harun in his shop' I don't know if he'll read this very often.

  4. Anonymous8:21 am

    As one of the ol' Bilkent Kankas currently locked in the Land of No Football (aka Canada -- hence the dot over Vancouver), I wish I were there to watch a match. Gucu seems to need all the support it can get at the moment...

    But shortly Kirkcaldy Kanka and I will be hoisting beer in Liverpool in support of Gucu!

    Canadian Eh Kanka

  5. Well done kankas. Keep travelling around the world and make more dots on Oz Kanka's map. As a professional journalist, he loves statistics !!!

    For ANKARAGUCU Kankas.... being on holiday is not an excuse for non-attendance at matches. In future, you must tailor your holiday plans around the fixture list !!!

    PS.... Please don't tell my dragon, but that's what I do !!

  6. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Still don't have a kanka name kanka

    Rest assured that the Bilkent crew will be returning to action this coming weekend along with some new faces. Is the match on the weekend not a home game? The one versus Gaziantepspor? Also I heard that they are now selling kombines again. Where can I get my hands on one? Please e-mail all relevant info to (


  7. Dear Robbie and Judy, I have seen Oz Kanka's email to you about ANKARAGUCU's match on the 16 September.

    Rest assured that Oz Kanka and I will be putting our heads together on the subject of names for you two `love birds`.

    Watch this space !