Monday, August 28, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. More doom and gloom from this writer AGAIN. They are back in the `soapy bubble` again and slipping down the league into 2nd bottom position without a league win after Week No 4.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Manisaspor 1

However, let's not be too downcast........ there were lots of positives yesterday, eg.......

The return of Marash Kanka !! It was good to have Marash Kanka Hakan back shouting for ANKARAGUCU, even if he is a closet CimBom supporter !!

We were sitting in The Chopin enjoying the amber nectar when the evening suddenly looked brighter. Brummie Kankie walked in for her `farewell to Ankara match`, at least for the time being. Her presence was all the more welcome when she announced that she had found YTL 50 on the street and the beers were all on her !! Yipeeeee.

Also present were Oz Kanka and Student Kanka Gokhan.

Off to the Stadium after 2 or 3 or 4 (or more) and we were given a real VIP welcome by a group of ANKARAGUCU supporters handing out FREE tickets for Gecikondu. That beats Ankaraspor charging their fans 50 Yeni Kurus last season !!!

A big crowd was there as usual and the atmosphere was very upbeat and expectant for a home victory. ANKARAGUCU began well and attacked the away end and I thought it was only a matter of time before their pressure paid off. However, Manisa were looking dangerous on the break and playing some good football too.

Half time with no scoring and then the music came on for what could only be described as an impromtu performance of the Misket (Ankara dance) by Oz Kanka and yours truly ! This drew thunderous applause from all the supporters around us in Gecikondu and even over the fence in Kapali ! An encore was called for and duly given to more applause !!

Unfortunately, that was the last happy event of the match. Manisa took control of the 2nd half and scored a very good breakaway goal. ANKARAGUCU only had one serious effort on goal in the 2nd half when Ceyhun hit the post with a great strike with the goalkeeper beaten.

The new strike partnership of Bebbe and Tita didn't materialise, with Ceyhun the only player showing any ability and will to win. A very poor performance from ANKARAGUCU then with Manisa worthy winners.

I don't know how the coach is going to solve this problem. I guess his first priority will be to instill some confidence back into the team !

There are no `easy` matches in this league and the next match in 2 weeks time in Gaziantep is a case in point.

After the match last night Oz Kanka and I took Brummie Kankie to a watering hole in Kavaklidere for farewell drinks. I can't remember the name of the place (yes, I had more than a few as Oz Kanka reported !!) but their music was good and the beer was cold !!

So, we have to say Au Revoir to Brummie Kankie Amelia, but the good news is that she will return next year hopefully. We also expect to hear from her on the blog from time to time. Match days will never be the same without your presence Amelia !!XX

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Just looked up "misket" in Wikipedia.

    "Misket is a kind of dance folk music from the Ankara, and Aegean regions in Turkey. The word literally means marble, as in little round balls."

    Appropriate really

  2. Sir Eski has promised to wear a kilt at some point, so the dances should get wilder in the future :-)

    Farewell to you all in Ankara, but I will be back soon... Bwa ha ha... In fact, I have to return as from my five matches in Ankara I have been to three Ankaragucu matches and only two Gencler matches... This must be remedied!

  3. Mmmmmm, the only problem about wearing a kilt, attractive as it may be, is that some of the Vice Division Police might think that I'm a transvestite and whisk me off for `interrogation` !!!

    On Brummie Kankie's return we MUST take her to the ANKARAGUCU
    v Gencler derby match. Definitely a `not to be missed` match.

    Haste ye back lassie !!

  4. I do notice that Sir Eski Kanka left out the fact that half the crowd on Sunday were calling on the management to resign.

    Also I haven't been able to get onto the Ankaragucu fans' forums for the past two days and so I have no idea if we got mentioned for our dancing skills.

    At least the fans got a bit of a laugh, better than the football anyway.

  5. Oh yes, oooops, an important omission on my part !

    It must also be mentioned that our esteemed President, Cemal Aydin, was sunning himself on the beach in Cesme while we long suffering punters were supporting his footie team !!

    Stand up and be counted Cemal !!

  6. According to Hurriyet today, Aydin did show up, despite saying beforehand that he wouldn't

  7. Maybe he was sitting beside the 20 (no... make that 15)Manisaspor supporters in disguise ???!!!

  8. But if I went to a GENCLER v Ankaragucu match it would still not put GENCLER into the (rightful) lead. Would be fun though!

    (Caps for your benefit Sir Eski, I know the old eyesight must be failing you...)

  9. Tut Tut Tut Miss Brummie ! Don't you know by now that Oz Kanka detests CAPS and has decreed that I am the only kanka allowed to use them.

    Please desist or suffer the wrath of Oz Kanka !!!


  10. The Ankaragucu fans forum has been down for three days now. According to a simple page on the site at the moment it has been attacked by hackers.

  11. Perhaps Genclerbirligi Hooligans me thinks ???!!!

  12. Cemal Aydin more likely

  13. In Turkey, it is not important what you know, but......

    WHO YOU KNOW !!!!