Saturday, June 02, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Stop press news…… breaking news…………

As always, The Round Ball in Ankara leads where others follow….. and we always like to be at the forefront of footie news…………

So…….. tomorrow’s headlines will likely be……..

`Genclerbirligi Create a World Record of the Shortest Serving Coach in World Football` - Ersun Yanal recalled to coach the Turkish National Football Team after only 5 Days at his new club` !!

Well……….. not quite as I write this (11.30pm 2 June), but a likely scenario after tonight’s abomination in Bosnia !

What the hell is Fatih Terim doing ? Rustu makes a schoolboy error to `gift` Bosnia their winner. Also, what the hell did Olde Man Hakan do for 90 minutes ? There was also a `gift` from Servet for Bosnia’s 2nd goal. Admittedly, the ‘effin Linesman was sleeping and should have raised his flag for Bosnia’s 1st goal, but the point is……. Bloody hell….. who are they playing ? Brazil, Scotland,….. OK….. world class teams, but….. Bosnia ???

Pressure full on now as Greece, Norway and Bosnia move into challenging positions when all looked plain sailing for Turkey.

So………… will Ersun Yanal be back in the `hot seat` tomorrow with Fatih Terim offered the Gencler job ??? Mmmmmmmmm….. possibly, and you read it in The Round Ball in Ankara first !!!

All the best from The Oracle…….. Eski Kanka Jim


  1. FenerFan12:55 am

    We played like crap today. What i wanna know is why didnt Serdar start. I mean the guy is in the top of his form. He cant better. If u start Rustu, who hasnt played for 6 months, instead of Serdar, then u know nothing about football, or u take a lot of risks.

    And, thanks God, Servet signed with Galatasaray. :) He's had good assists today.

  2. "Ersun Yanal recalled to coach the Turkish National Football Team after only 5 Days at his new club` !!"

    You scared the fuck out of me Sir Eski Kanka. I actually thought you were being serious for a moment.

  3. Well....... that's one up for me !

    Probably a first ??!!

    Hee hee hee titter titter titter ho ho ho !!!

  4. Actually, I think I'm a frustrated journalist !

    How about this for a headline...

    SCOTLAND eclipse France and Italy to qualify for the finals - Ukraine to join them ??!!

    Is there any hope for Eski Kanka ??