Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yanal resigns

This is not a joke. Just two days after officially signing for the club Ersun Yanal resigned as coach of Genclerbirligi today, and I for one am bloody pissed off.

Yanal signed on the dotted line on Thursday. Today, Saturday, he resigned. When he signed the other day Yanal said that Chairman Ilhan Cavcav had promised him that he would not sell anyone. Seems as if he didn't take long to break that promise as we have now sold the Ghana international Draman Haminu to Lokomotiv Moscow for 3 million euros.

"The promises the chairman made before and after the contract was signed were not matched. We were a team with a target but then we sold Draman," Yanal told the Anatolian news agency this afternoon.

"Ersun Yanal," said Yanal in the third person, "has a way of working and principles. Under these conditions even if he (Cavcav) wants to work with me I won't work with him. This is not the way a team with ambition should act."

To say that I'm pissed off is an understatement. What the bloody hell is Cavcav doing to our club?

The prospect that Draman might be going has been around for a few weeks. Lokomotiv first made it public that they were after him before the last match of the season. They offered 2.5 million euros and Gencler replied that they wanted 3 million. This isn't small money and I was pretty sure that we were going to lose him.

Unlike other transfers we have made this year, ie Risp and Ayman to Trabzonspor, I wasn't totally against the move. Risp and Ayman were sold mid-season for not a lot of money to one of our big rivals. We never really recovered and in the end were almost relegated. The Draman move was different. First up it was to a team outside of Turkey and secondly was the money - 2.5 or 3 million euros can buy a lot.

The point here though is that Cavcav clearly promised Yanal that he would not sell Draman. A promise he has not kept. So Yanal, clearly within his rights, has called Cavcav's bluff and proven to the world that Cavcav is a man that cannot be trusted and who clearly only has one thing in mind... making money. As Yanal says. "This is not the way a team with ambition should act".

Just a few days ago we were so over the moon at having signed Yanal. This was a man who brought great glory to the club just a few years ago. Now, thanks to Cavcav, we are back to the normal state we have been in for the past two years... depressed and angry.

"Cavcav paranın turşusunu kur", will no doubt ring loud throughout next season's matches. That's if we have any fans left.


  1. Oz Kanka, what did I tell you about Mr.Cavcav!

  2. OK, so I didn't get some parts of my prediction correct, but .... you heard it first from Eski Kanka that Ersun Yanal would create a new world record for Genclerbirligi ! Check out my post last week `Gencler Create a New World Record` !

    So, Fatih Terim didn't get booted out after the abomination against Bosnia, and Ersun Yanal didn't get re-appointed as the Turkish National Team Coach. However, there is still time for Ersun to return to ANKARAGUCU !!

    Surely Cemal Aydin will not stab him in the back like Cavcav did ??!!

    What a sorry story and all credit to Ersun for being true to himself and the long suffering supporters of Gencler.

    As a final thought..... please be sure that Maniac Kanka and Eski Kanka will try to be sympathetic to you Gencler Kankas next Saturday at the Bar-B-Q.

    You probably won't see us crying into our EFES nectar, but at least we will not be teasing you...... well..... maybe only a little !!!

  3. When Maniac Kanka Harun rang me with the news this evening I didn't believe him, especially after Sir Eski's recent scare. In the end though.... Arrrggghh

    I still can't believe what Cavcav has done. Just been checking the Genclerbirligi fan forums and there are some people ready to kill the bloke. Mad, too old, insane... whatever... just bloody well resign Cavcav.

  4. you said that "`Genclerbirligi Create a World Record of the Shortest Serving Coach in World Football` - Ersun Yanal recalled to coach the Turkish National Football Team after only 5 Days at his new club` !!" but this is really an another world record with just two days.... nothing more to say. you must be the fortunetellers coming from hell :S

  5. lollllllllll
    its an new world record
    thursday signup and saturday resign
    good job!

  6. The Round Ball in Ankara is ALWAYS ahead of the game. We know it first and we report it first !!

    By the way, I think Maniac Kanka and Eski Kanka are going to have some fun on Saturday night !!!