Thursday, June 14, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There I was, walking along Hosdere Caddesi in Cankaya today and what did I see ??...........

Shock Horror........... a boy wearing a Melih Gokcekspor top !!

What is happening ? In Cankaya of all places !! Sincan..... OK, but not Cankaya please !!

OK, there has been a big advertising campaign for A*****spor's summer footie school, but this is positively the first (and hopefully the last time) I want to see this in Cankaya. No need to tell you that Melih Gokcek is not top of the pops in Cankaya !!!

On the other hand, could it be the beginning of the exodus of Gencler boys to A*****spor ?

If it is, then Mr Cavcav will be responsible for a lost generation of boys from Gencler to that other lot.

Are you reading this Blog Mr Cavcav ???

All the best from `Anti A*****spor` Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Hope you gave the kid a clip around the ears

  2. Well......... you know that we ANKARAGUCU supporters are against violence, but........ if I had my RED CARD (Eski Kanka's fav colour) with me then he would have been despatched to Sincan PDQ !!!

    Melih .... we hate you (I can't bring myself to call him Mr Gokcek) !!!

  3. Safak2:40 pm

    They have a training camp in Arnhem/Dieren (Holland) in July.. A good plan to go there and support the çöpspor with rotten tomatoes and stuff haha

  4. Yeah..... or handgrenades or molatof cocktails or similar ??!!

  5. hearditthroughthegrapevine1:04 pm

    greetings !!! Glad to see some copspor protests here.. those who came to support g.birligi; to the copspor stadium which was built in the furthest corner of hell; must have witnessed the crowd coming out of the stadium in a hurry, around 60 & 70th minutes.

    I'm an a.gucu fan and I always think to myself "the spirit and fans' dedication is missing among ankaraspor fans, their support dies off after the presents are given in the stadium by i.gokcek." sux..

  6. Welcome to the Blog Mr Heard It Through the Grapevine !

    One of the main reasons why we hate I.M. Gokcek is because he closed Genclik Park and therefore our meeting rendevous place - Sahil Restoran !

    We spent many happy years there come rain, hail or shine, and were sometimes joined by The Pegasus boys and also the ANKARAGUCU Amigo Husnu.

    Now we have to meet at The Chopin on Sakarya which doesn't have quite the same ambiance !

    A*****spor for relegation next season ? Yessssssssssss !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim