Saturday, June 02, 2007

Were you searching Google for Okan Udo Bassey?

Google is a wonderful tool but quite frankly I'm amazed that for more than a year this site is still number one in Google search results for the term "Okan Udo Bassey" (without the quotation marks).

The thing is we seem to get a lot of hits on the blog from people typing in this search. Therefore, instead of sending you to some weird page on our blog lets hope that Google instead sends you here.

First of all, let me just say that Okan Udo Bassey is better known to a few of us as Udo Steven Bassey. A few years ago he changed his name after taking out Turkish citizenship.

I'm now going to cut and paste a few of the former comments I and others have made about the man.

"He is a Nigerian who came to Turkey some 30 years ago and has been at the Turkish Daily News for many many years. He was my boss for a while so I'm pretty sure he isn't a figment of my imagination.

Also, Udo is a maniac Galatasaray supporter."

I wrote that back in April last year. Spine added the following:

"(Udo is) a charming and wonderful man who has done more than most to publicise Turkish football to the English-speaking world.

"In fact, all readers of this blog should be aware that our beloved Oz Kanka was once Udo's "flunkey" on the sports desk. Udo called, Oz Kanka jumped. Of course this wanton lizardry was only a cunning tactic so (Oz Kanka) could increase the TDN's cricket coverage.

Some of Udo Bassey's contributions to Turkish football vocabulary: "minnows" "whipping boys" "the Rize Tea Men" "Galatasaray's Istanbul den" and the much beloved "vicissitudes"."

Sir Eski Kanka even knew the bloke:

"I know Udo too. He used to work at my school many moons ago (1999) and I agree with you all. He is one 'elluva guy"

So now you all know that Udo does indeed exist.

Below is a very small photo that I found of him on the Today's Zaman website where today Udo spends his time writing pro-Galatasaray articles and managing all the sports and foreign news pages.

So if you are one of the very many people who come to our blog by searching for Mr. Bassey, I hope we have helped out a little. Or perhaps it is just that Udo searches his own name on a regular basis?

As Udo used to greet us every day: "Good morning my former colonial masters", or if not that "OJ is innocent!"

You can check out Udo's latest work at the Today's Zaman website (in English). The website even has his e-mail So go ahead and send the legend a message. May I suggest a campaign. Simply cut and paste:

Subject line: Okan (Udo) Bassey objective?

Message text: Why the hell don't you write more articles about Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu?

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  1. Yes, I can say that my claim to fame is that I had a photo taken with the great Ersun Yanal, but I can also say that.....

    I met Udo and he actually shook my hand !

    However, I don't remember him whipping me, or any boys for that matter ???!!!