Monday, June 11, 2007

Some publicity for us and "The Curse"

Got a text on my mobile this morning from Spine asking me whether I had seen today's edition of the Turkish Daily News. Amazing stuff. The TDN did an entire article concerning just Genclerbirligi. No mention of any of those Istanbul buggers, just Gencler.

Ozgur Korkmaz, a silent but regular reader of the blog wrote a very nice piece concerning the latest tragedy that is the seemingly normal life nowadays at Genclerbirligi.

"Coach departure induces fan protest at Genclerbirligi"
was the title of Ozgur's piece where he interviews Bulent Atlas on the reaction of the fans to the latest fiasco. Ozgur sums up my feelings exactly in the following paragraph:

Over the last 30 years, (Cavcav) has made a well-deserved name in the business side of football, especially in finding young, talented players, mostly from Africa, and selling them to bigger clubs. But with lots money in the bank, and excellent training facilities, Gençlerbirliği fans think it is time to take a further step and they want to have a team that aims for the top.

Then, just near the end, was the following paragraph:

Gençlerbirliği has never had a great number of supporters, but it seems that the next season will even be tougher for the club. As a blogger, dubbed “Oz Kanka”, wrote in the blog for foreign football enthusiasts in Ankara, “The round ball in Ankara” (; “‘Cavcav paranın turşusunu kur' (Cavcav pickle your money), will no doubt ring loud throughout next season's matches. That's if we have any fans left.”

Cool stuff. Got a bit of a bump in traffic today to the blog thanks to the article. Sure, Nathan over at Fenerbahce Worldwide got a couple of articles about his site into Hurriyet but that was a lifestyle-type story, still cool though Nathan :). We however are being quoted on the news, as it happens... a fair and balanced view may I add.

The Curse of "The round ball in Ankara"

This is becoming scary. This blog is now responsible for the departure from Ankara teams of three coaches.

Victim 1: Vlado Bozinoski
Bozinoski was appointed coach of Ankaragucu at the beginning of the season. Being an Aussie we thought we should get an interview. After numerous attempts I finally managed to get his mobile number and was about to ring him when he was sacked.

Victim 2: Mesut Bakkal
Lanky Kanka Jorg organised a football match between the German/Austrian Embassy football team FC Stiefel and the Genclerbirligi management. Gencler coach Bakkal was going to be there so we could interview him for the blog. Within minutes of Lanky Kanka confirming that the interview was on, Bakkal resigned as coach.

Victim 3: Ersun Yanal
Yanal appointed coach and what with the Kanka BBQ on this Saturday we thought this would be a great opportunity to invite him along and interview him for the blog. Yanal resigned two days ago. Today I received confirmation from Lanky Kanka that Yanal had actually said "yes" and was going to come to the BBQ.

Victim 4: ???????



    Tebrikler, my friend. I'm just sorry it had to happen under such a strange series of events.

  2. FenerFan10:29 pm

    why dont u interview with Ulusoy?? Please? :)

  3. you could at least make useful predictions and interviews such as with ulusoy or canaydin and really do Turkish soccer some good.....

  4. Dear Oz Kanka,you forgot Samet Aybaba!...

  5. Nah... We never tried to get an interview with him.

  6. Wow ! Surely the pinacle of recognition is to be mentioned in the world famous Turkish Daily News ?!

    Who's next ? The Telegraph or The Guardian ??!!

    By the way, I promise not to make any more predictions ...... well, until next season at least !

  7. You and Nathan are the stars of the turkish media now!...:)))))
    I want to see you guys on the turkish tv....lykn


  8. It's not about personal glory.

    Nathan is doing his bit to promote his team's reputation and popularity.

    Oz Kanka and I want to see our teams back in YooRo footie where they belong.

    If we can make some of the Ankara residents feel `guilty` that it takes a group of `foreigners` to encourage them to come to 19 Mayis Stadium then we will have succeeded.

    As I said before on Nathan's Blog, we the punters are the life-blood of a footie team and we need more supporters in Ankara to realise it and support their local teams, ie, ANKARAGUCU and Genclerbirligi !!

    Bums on seats in the Stadium !!!

  9. As Chris said I'm a silent follower of this blog, even though it fooled me once about which division Gençlerbirliği was in when Kenan Evren kept Ankaragücü in the first division :) (you're right about mentioning the source)

    I'm the editor of the TDN's sports page(s) since Udo's departure and as an Alkara myself, I will welcome any contribution especially about stuff not related to the Istanbul teams.

    It's good to know that someone is reading you. Take care...

    Özgür Korkmaz

  10. Ahmet, you can see me on Lig TV and FB TV in about two weeks....:)

  11. Nathan, did they do the interview?
    or are they coming to new york too?
    please let me know....

    You are the star of Fener after Tuncay:)))))))
    My son Volkan going to Turkey on July 2th to tarin with Vestel Manisaspor...
    Keep in touch,
    Ahmet Turgut

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  13. this blog is about ANKARAGÜCÜ and GENŞLERBİRLİĞİ!!!!!!
    why talkıng sombodys about fuckın istanbul team 'fenerbostan'?????????

  14. I think Maniac Kanka Harun had a point to make and I think he made it quite well !!

    A warning for Fener Fans..... if you dare to come to Ankara beware of Maniac Kanka.

    Trust me.... he is well named !!!

  15. lights, music, cameras action and exits stage left........I am sooooo jealous of you guys being lionised in the media as well as Nathan. Guess no one wants to talk to an opinionated, glamorous, Cim Bom supporter, sniffle, weep.....I hope you will remember your readers when you are sitting there like a rabbit in the headlights.......Still at least we have a coach even he is entitled to cheap fares on IETT.....

  16. I'm not sure that one quote at the end of an article in the football off season in the TDN constitutes "being lionised by the media".

    In fact we got more hits from Nathan's report of the TDN article than the TDN article itself!

    Still, my ego is easily stroked.

  17. Well if it is any consolation, and if I was a journalist, and even if I wasn't sexist, and even though I haven't seen a photo of Gorgeous (I'm sure she is !) Gulay..... I would rather interview Gulay rather than Oz Kanka..... irrespective of which team she supports !!!!

    Feel better now Gulay ???

  18. Ahmet, I'll send you an e-mail. I'm terrified of Maniac Kanka...:)

    This is seriously one of the best blogs on the web. I don't think I've ever visited without laughing out loud...

  19. I hope you aren't laughing at our blog thanks to the joke that is the Genclerbirligi chairman!

  20. uh....ofcourse not. :)

  21. We don't laugh at Genclerbirligi because it is against the rules... but we shed tears of sadness... well, we do sometimes.... but, not often !!!

  22. We Gencler fans on the other hand never laugh at Ankaragucu because we understand just how scary it must be to be so close to being relegated, year in, year out, year in, year out, year in, year out, ad nauseum.

  23. History my dear Oz Kanka History !

    We now look forward with optimism to a new era at ANKARAGUCU with a world famous coach and new starlets - Alpay and Young Sergen !!!

    YooRo Footie returning to Ankara soon ? Don't hold your breath !!

  24. nathan stop kıddıng me!
    thats true 'ı and eski kanka jim' hate all the istanbul teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Harun, the Kankas should know that our mission is to have everyone relegated except the Istanbul teams. Our goal is to have a Super Lig consisting of only teams from Istanbul...

  26. As long as my bottom is pointing southwards it will never happen Nathan !

    However, full marks for the funniest story of the week !!

  27. sir eski there are pictures if you know where to look, check out the yahoo groups amerikanturks home page for example.......and yes I feel better but I wonder how zagreb kanka is feeling with your comments.....

  28. As you all know by now, Eski Kanka's predictions are usually proved right.

    So, it is rather nice to be proved right again.

    Gulay is definitely a classy Turkish beauty, which I never doubted !!

    However, having admired her photo, the only downer was that red and yellow thing round her neck !!!