Friday, June 01, 2007

Yanal back at Genclerbirligi

After a couple of weeks of speculation and false reporting, including one strange report that Bulent Korkmaz had signed up - who could have written that one??? - Ersun Yanal has signed a two-year contract to coach Genclerbirligi.

The contract was signed on Friday not at Genclerbirligi's headquarters but at a factory owned by Chairman Ilhan Cavcav.

Yanal was the man who brought great success to the club a few years ago including a great run in the UEFA Cup that saw us defeat Blackburn Rovers, AS Roma, and Sporting Lisbon before going down to eventual winners Valencia.

Having nicked Yanal from Ankaragucu, and thus starting up a couple of years of animosity between the fans of the two clubs which has recently calmed down, Yanal was then nicked from us by the TFF who installed him as national coach before sacking him not long later.

But now we have him back. Quite frankly I'm happy. Fingers crossed we can get him to the end of season bbq.

PHOTO CAPTION: Ersun Yanal with our very own Sir Eski Kanka and One-match Kanka Suzan at a World Cup party at the German Embassy last year.


  1. If you think that I'm jealous of Gencler signing Ersun Yanal again then you are spot on !

    He is an excellent coach and a very nice person too.

    Spare a thought for ANKARAGUCU who look as though they will be coached by Hakan Kutlu. I wonder how many teams he has coached successfully in his long and illustrious career ??!!

  2. fenerfan3:56 pm

    Sergen Yalcin will be play in Ankaragucu next year on loan.

  3. Yalcin playing for Ankaragucu has already been lamented by a few people on a different post. But thanks for posting anyway fenerfan.

  4. Comments on the Gencler fans forum Alkaralar are almost totally positive on the news that Yanal is coming back

  5. Did you see the photo of Ersun Yanal and Cavcav in Hurriyet this morning ?

    It looks ominous if you look at the `weak` handshake and the strained features of Ersun's face.

    Maybe if Ersun came back to ANKARAGUCU he would be smiling, and...... I would too !!!