Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lets hope he lasts more than two days

I really do find these things amazing. We lose a coach on Saturday and then we sort out a foreign coach by Tuesday. Amazingly fast.

But, the news is that Genclerbirligi have signed Trond Sollied, a Norwegian who is out of a job at the moment but who has tasted success with some of the teams he has coached.

As usual I had to go searching the internets for information on the bloke as I had never heard of him. Wikipedia has a pretty good summary of his career

Seems as if he has won a variety of trophies as manager of (in order) Bodø/Glimt, Rosenborg, Club Brugge and Olympiacos.

Now we all know how wily Ilhan Cavcav is but in Sollied we seem to have found a similiarly tricky fellow. The following is taken straight from the Wikipedia article:

In 2005, one year before the end of his contract with Club Brugge, a video message was leaked to the Belgian press, in which Sollied stated that he had left Club Brugge for Olympiacos. Sollied disputed (and said) that this video was released without his permission. It was only meant to be published after he had signed a contract, which was not yet the case according to him. In Belgium, this affair was seen as a trick to force Club Brugge to suspend his contract, so Olympiacos would not have to pay a large sum to Club Brugge. In a press release, Club Brugge stated that they had taken note of Sollied's decision to suspend his contract. The affair will probably be brought to a Belgian labor court, which will have to judge whether it was Sollied who suspended the contract by the message, or it was Club Brugge who fired him.

Well, well, well.

We can only wish the guy the best of luck. The appointment might also mean Nordic Kanka Stian will get himself down to a few more matches this season.

EDIT: Check the comments section for the latest updates on our exciting new coach.


  1. actually it did not even last for one day as the club has announced on its Website that the talks with Sollied failed.

  2. TDN man Sedge is right. The talks failed at around 3 a.m. this morning. I really should check the official website every now and then. Thing was that for most of the second half of the season they hadn't updated the site.

  3. It is not so easy these days to find a 100% `Yes Man` as Mr Cavcav is obviously realising.

    However, with this gentleman's track record, I'm sure he will eventually find someone to kiss his boots (or perhaps kiss somewhere else ??!!) before the season kicks off !!!