Sunday, June 24, 2007

German social democratic values shine

This is apparently the hottest weekend in this part of the world in 30 years. While certain so-called professionals complain about early starting dates to football league seasons citing the heat as a danger to their health, diplomats in Ankara are out there doing their stuff.

And so we had the "Fifth Football tournament of the German Embassy in Ankara". The teams featured were Team Switzerland/Austria - Euro 08, Team USA, Team UK, Team Italy, Team Latinos, Team Germany - FC Stiefel, Team Japan/Korea/China and Team "Nordic".

As there was no Team Socceroos and as I'm not a diplomat I didn't take part myself but I was told that after a series of grueling matches Team Germany - FC Stiefel, featuring our very own Lanky Kanka Jorg, took out the tournament.

Afterwards we had an example of why the German social democratic system is so superior to that of, for example, Britain, ie they gave us free beer.

They put on a huge party at the embassy where the beer was on tap and the food fantastic.

Maniac Kanka Harun set up his stall and we flew our flag and lo and behold Maniac Kanka even managed to get the German ambassador to put on an Ankaragucu top (4th picture below). At this stage he was interviewed by someone from the Turkish press about the EU constitution.

I didn't get to do all that much socialising as I had to keep an eye out for Little Oz Kanka (3) who managed to find himself a new girlfriend. He then dumpe her when he found a mate of his from school who was clearly much better at playing tag.

Below are a bunch of photos sent to me by Maniac Kanka. And by the way, in the first picture Maniac Kanka is not pointing at Legal Kanka Saadet's breasts but in fact pointing out that he somehow managed to get a Genclerbirligi supporter to put on an Ankaragucu shirt. Shame on you Legal Kanka!


  1. Agreed. German hospitality is second only to Turkish hospitality !

    Thanks again to Lanky Kanka Jorg for arranging an invite for the Kankas.

    Nice photos from Maniac Kanka who was sporting the new `designer` ANKARAGUCU T-Shirt. It will probably out-sell the Roberto Carlos T-Shirts !!!

    It is also interesting to note from the photos that Oz Kanka and Eski Kanka have obviously made a deal with EFES to promote their yummy beer !!!

  2. flying Dutchman Kanka12:41 pm

    "...he somehow managed to get a Genclerbirligi supporter to put on an Ankaragucu shirt."

    she is a traitor, 'nuff said!

  3. Bratt Kanka3:10 pm

    Oh wow is that a ankara blog official flag in the background i see??? that is so cool! :)

  4. It is indeed. Maniac Kanka made it, without us even asking!