Sunday, September 17, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Denizlispor 0

The battle of the draw specialists intesifies as ANKARAGUCU equals CimBom's record of 4 league draws. This is getting really exciting now........... well, at least it is more exciting than watching ANKARAGUCU and Genclerbirligi trying to play footie !!!

Anyway, there we all were in Chopin Bar last night having lottsa `refreshments` (by the way Miss Zagreb Kankie, we were NOT drinking coffee !!).

Oz Kanka, Mrs Oz Kanka, little Oz Kanka, Battle Hardened Kanka, Mountaineering Kanka, MoutaineeringESS Kankie Judy, Flying Dutchman Kanka, A new kanka who supports Bristol Rovers (brave man !!), Cold Hearted Kanka Roger (he was the only kanka who didn't kiss little Oz Kanka when he left - shame on him !!!), Cold Hearted Kanka's lovely wife from Finland - Warm Hearted Kankie, Ian (no name yet kanka) and his lovely lady Mugla Kankie (Mugla girls are definitely worthy of their reputation for beauty) and yours truly. If I missed anyone then my apologies !

Marash Kanka Hakan and his friend Sinan joined us in the Stadium and then it was kick off time.

Expectations were high with the appointment of Hikmet Karaman as the new coach and the fact that we were playing the bottom team in the league. The singing was as loud as ever and then............ a damp squibb of a game began.

ANKARAGUCU huffed and puffed and didn't really threaten except when Ceyhun fired in his free kicks from outside the box, one of which brought out a great save from Suleyman the Denizli goalkeeper. The only other moment of interest in the 1st half was when Ceyhun cut back a corner kick to Petkov who was running away from him in the opposite direction !!! Comical stuff, but sad to watch for ANKARAGUCU supporters !

The 2nd half was more of the same. Lots of negative footie on show with lots of passes going astray. Bloody awful actually ! The only moment of note was when Ceyhun beat 3 men and was bearing down on goal when he `fell down` claiming a penalty. He received a yellow card for his troubles instead of at least trying to score a bloody goal !

The new ANKARAGUCU striker from Erciyes, Agali `the beanpole`, nodded a few balls down, but, surprise surprise, there was nobody there to put the ball away ! Srebrenko Posavec had another quiet match and was substituted half way through the 2nd half. Once again it was left to Ceyhun to try and win the match on his own. Mr Karaman has much work to do this week in preparation for the visit to Besiktas next weekend.

Not a happy story I'm afraid, but we at least were able to drown our sorrows back at The Chopin before being kicked out at closing time !!!

All the best from frustrated Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Sir Eski Kanka Jim, you forgot what for me was the highlight of the match when the Maraton supporters starting singing for Ankaragucu Chairman Cemal Aydin to resign.

    They were quickly joined by the gecekondu and kapali supporters (who are normally Aydin backers). With five minutes left on the clock and the whole stadium screaming for him to resign Aydin stood up, gave a hand gesture to the crowd which would probably translate as "bugger you lot", and walked out.

    Aydin has done some good stuff for Ankaragucu but everyone must realise when they are not wanted anymore. Same at Genclerbirligi and Ilhan Cavcav for that matter.

  2. Tut tut tut Eski Kanka !! It's all that military training which has been brought to bear to brainwash the normal mortals like me. I don't like kicking a man when he is down !!

    However, I am not convinced that off-loading Cemal Aydin would be productive until a suitably qualified replacement can be found.

    I don't like the knee-jerk syndrome and I don't like following sheep !!!

    The ANKARAGUCU fans MUST exercise patience with Hikmet Karaman and give him a chance to put the team back to winning ways. If it doesn't work out, then we can go back to the drawing board !

    Until then, hands off Cemal Aydin I say !!!

  3. zagreb kankie10:21 pm

    What are you drinking? :-)

    Kisses from Zagreb Kankie

    You always manage to made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!

  4. zagreb kankie10:23 pm

    But I thought that Turkish coffee is very popular there and when someone mentions me Turkey,.., first thing that cross through my mind is Turkish coffee. :-)

  5. So todays results just leave Ankaragucu as the draw specialists....

  6. You must keep an open mind on the subject of footie `refreshments` Miss Zagreb Kankie !!

    For your education, the National Drink of Ankara is EFES....... especially if you support ANKARAGUCU or Genclerbirligi !!!

    Coffee would probably be more suitable for supporters of teams like Galatasaray or Fener !!!

  7. Sir Eski Kanka wrote about not liking "knee jerk reactions". Perhaps our good friend is forgetting that the Maraton crowd have been calling for Aydin's head for ages now, well before the start of the season. The protests weren't aimed at the new coach but the chairman.

  8. I understand the impatience and frustration of some sections of ANKARAGUCU supporters.

    However, what I am saying is that Cemal Aydin and Hikmet Karaman are intrinsically linked and we HAVE TO give time for the new coach to turn the team results around.

    There is a time and place for everything, and this is not the time to put the sword into Cemal Aydin !!

  9. zagreb kankie10:26 pm

    What is Efes? Is that a beer? Or wine? Hard drink?

  10. coffee please its efes or nothing whihc as I am in the US of A means its Sam Adams or some such quality micro, or Coopers, or Nooky Bruun, or Guiness, or would you like me to go on and torture you living on that beer wilderness that is the second least Istanbul has Taps and home made beer.......more reasons why Ankara is definitely the second city...North Shield and the Newcastle have had their day....tee hee

  11. zagreb kankie11:16 am

    hehehehehehe I really like you guys!!! :-)
    Your blondie

  12. You can keep your Goddamn Yankee beer (gnats pish more like) and your black Irish stuff.

    You haven't lived until you have been to The Chopin Bar in ANKARA and tasted their very special EFES draught beer ....Mmmmmm yummy !!!

    ANKARA is the centre of the universe !

  13. Cemal Aydin is back in favour.

    Check out the latest blog on the Turkish Cup !!