Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hibs 0-1 Falkirk

A bad result for Hibs was made worse after having Scott Brown and Kevin Thomson sent off by referee Alan Freeland. The whistler had what can only be described as a shocker, he booked nine and sent off four in-between missing just about everything that mattered. I think he must be a rich man now as I can only assume he had put his house on Falkirk winning this match. At the risk of sounding like a sore looser which generally I am not, right from the first decision he was out to give Hibs nothing but yellow and red cards.

I have seen various polls held on this Blog covering diving cheating etc. I would like to know peoples thoughts on whether referees should be castrated for ruining a potentially good football game?

I think there maybe some more to come out of this match, whether it is punishment for Hibs or the Referee will be an interesting point.

In midweek Hibs beat Gretna 6-0 in the League Cup, their reward is a home quarter final tie against Hearts our Edinburgh rivals. Lets hope Freeland is not the ref. At the end of last season Feeland refereed Hibs last league match, he sent off two Hibs players and booked six. Sound familiar?

Guess it is time to drown my sorrows.

Hibbee Kanka


  1. OK........ let's kick the Reff for having a `howler` - that's the IN thing to do when all the `innocent` 22 are having an off day too !!!

    Of course, I wasn't there, and I am not defending the Reff's actions, but ....... how many times do I have to say that Referees are `human` and make mistakes !!

    There can be no excuses for Hibs losing 0-1 at home against (no offence intended) Falkirk !!

    It is no use being euphoric one week when they beat Rangers, and then looking for sympathy when they lose to Falkirk. Let's just blame the Reff instead !!

    Consistency is the name of the game and Hibs still have to learn this before they can seriously challenge Celtic......... and dare I say it..... Hearts !!!

    This blog might upset Hibbie Kanka but I am sure he is as realistic as I am about this ??!! We both want to see Hibs succeed but it seems to me that Mr Mowbray still has a lot of work to do in the training ground !!

  2. It will take more than that to upset me Sir Eski.

    I know you are an ex referee but Mr Freeland did have a howler and the whole Scottish media are talking about it today. He ruined a potentially good game of football wasted a lot of peoples hard earned money.

    Trust me Jim he was bad and I would be surprised if he appeared to ref my sons game next week.

    I normally feel sorry for refs but if I was as bad at my job as he was on saturday I would be sacked.

    Your sympathy would be better spent on a worthwhile cause.

    Hibbee Kanka

  3. OK.....Hibbie Kanka....point taken. I will now direct my sympathy where it is needed...

    ANKARAGUCU bottom of the league !!!!!!